Saturday, June 13


Ahhhh, it's been scorchingly hot and [cough, cough] the haze is back. It's still breathable over here in Penang but can't say for the rest of the country.

I still remember those days in the 90s when the haze was so bad in one year, people were walking around in masks. InsyaAllah, it won't be THAT bad this time around. I hope, I really hope so.
In my Chinese family, we used to cook this special sweet-tasting dessert whenever our lungs need some extra ummphhh. The white fungus soup is easy to prepare and good for our health, if consumed in moderation. White fungus, white tree ear fungus or snow fungus [bai mu er in Mandarin] is a type of mushroom.

The original recipe requires a Chinese pear [for more cooling effect] but I forgot to buy some [the yellow-skin type] so I've substituted it with red dates and some wolfberry[gou qi in Mandarin]. Uncooked Chinese red dates [hong zhao in Mandarin] to nourish the blood and wolfberry for better eyesight. This soup nourishes the Yin energy, moistens the lungs, expels heat from the lungs, helps to heal dry cough, promotes the production of bodily fluids and thus replenishes fluids. It also strengthens the body's resistance to diseases and regulates the nervous system. All with Allah's Will, of course.
Just a word of caution - do not take it while having a cold.

And here's how it looks like after being cooked in the pot for 30 minutes, hehehe. Due to the wolfberry and red dates, the soup is rather brownish in colour. I'd keep in the fridge to eat when it's cold, yummy!

Will be cooking more soups and desserts soon to survive these hot and hazy days, insyaAllah.


  1. wow!!Yummy..kak Aliya, 1 day you have to treat me ya!! =)

  2. No problem, hehehe.. cooking Chinese herbal soups and desserts is my specialty, alhamdulillah :)