Monday, June 23


"Gosh, is that me?"
I watched the video for the first time and laughed hilariously. The drama that I acted on stage with my friends the year before I reverted to Islam has finally been captured on video, and given to me in the form of a DVD.

I just couldn't believe that the woman acting as the scheming, evil and mad Malaysianized Lady Macbeth on the stage was me!
It seems ages ago that I walked about with my hair uncovered and with my arms exposed. I no longer wear a kebaya out of the house because it's just too "inviting" (thanks to my nyonya genes, kikiki). Now loose clothing are better and more comfortable for body and soul.
I guess my friends who watched the video too, will have a tough time identifying me as the actress. We had the drama two years ago. I've changed a lot, and all for good reasons. Alhamdulillah.

I arrived in my former school( where I used to teach) this morning. Official visit. The teachers were surprised to see me. I had left the school back in 2005 as a Chinese "Buddhist", and returned to meet them as a tudung-clad Muslimah. Naturally they're happy to see me. I found out that some of the teachers who were my close friends at school have been transferred out.
"How did you lose weight?" they asked.
"By leaving this school and continuing my studies full time," I laughed.
"Teacher masuk Melayu? (You've become a Malay?)" the Indian girls whom I had taught Moral lessons asked me.
"No, saya peluk Islam." (No, I converted to Islam)
The students whom I taught two years ago have grown and most are no longer recognisable. They'll be sitting for their UPSR this year. I pray for their success.
It'd be difficult for me to return to that school again once I start working in a new environment next month. That visit was my sayonara.

"So little traffic?"
Driving home from Taiping was a breeze. There were only a small number of vehicles on the highway. What has happened to all the cars?
Petrol increase. At the rate of RM2.70 a litre of petrol, I guess most people choose to travel only when it's really necessary.
Thank goodness 'Hot nyonya' consumed only about RM25 worth of petrol for the two-way trip. I used to be scared of driving long distance on the highway, and had only picked up the courage to drive alone since having 'her'.
Thanks for the support and encouragement, my dear husband.

Time to embrace change.
Make positive changes.
I parked the car and reached my house just before the sky opened up and rain poured down.

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