Friday, May 30


Before I became a Muslim I used to visit my friend, Gina and played with her hyper-active mini pincher. She's a dog lover and I admit, so was I. I still like dogs but due to my knowledge about Islam, now I avoid dogs whenever possible.
" I don't know why dogs are haram in Islam although they are also God's creation. Dogs are the best pets to guard the house. Dogs are the most loyal of animals. Dogs have feelings also," said Gina.

Well, why don't Muslims rear dogs as pets at home?
Actually, a careful study of Islamic books will reveal that Muslims can rear dogs for hunting purposes. They can also have dogs to guard the house or for security but not as pets that are treated as a member of the family and allowed freedom to roam about the house. Muslims are not allowed to share sleeping space and eating utensils with the dog. Of course, you'd hear about Malays saying that dogs are haram or untouchable. However, I have yet to find any proof to support that dogs are haram in the Holy Quran as well as Hadith.

Anyone who have reared dogs before would know that at times dogs eat their own faeces, especially when they are hungry. Don't ask me why but most dogs do. I myself have reared several dogs before and I've actually seen how the dogs treat their faeces. It's a habit they acquire in the wild, I suppose. Therefore despite being bathed, shampooed (and teeth-brushed) dogs are still considered dirty by Muslims.

So, just imagine the state of the dog's saliva after taking a taste of its own faeces. Therefore (logically) due to its dirty habit, the dog's saliva is deemed unclean. Even if the owner insists his or her dog is very clean, we can't be 100% sure, can we?

Actually I don't think Muslims in general are afraid of dogs. We just don't go near dogs to avoid being licked or to have its fur on our clothing. As it's compulsory for us to be clean when we perform daily prayers, touching or being touched by a dog means that we have to wash every part that's been licked by the dog with one part soil-water and six parts clean water (the correct term is 'samak'). That's God's order based on Islam, so as faithful Muslims, we follow the prescribed rules. We avoid going near dogs and puppies unless it's totally necessary, such as helping a dog that's in trouble or pain, or to chase it away from touching our belongings. However we are still required to treat all creatures, including dogs kindly.

"That's stupid."
"That you avoid going near a dog just because your religion say so."
"Only God knows what's good for us. Science researches have proved that dogs are carriers of many diseases especially fully-developed tapeworms. Anyway, I always believe in avoiding trouble till trouble troubles me. I won't play with fire just to test when it will burn me.Furthermore, it's said in the hadiths that angels don't enter the house that has a dog. I'd prefer an angel in my house than a dog anytime."



  1. banyak lagi binatang yang boleh kte pegang/peluk/bela...
    yg haram baru due je...

    kalau nk sebab tu banyak je...
    just certain manusia je yg xnk terima...biarlah kak, diorg ngan pemahaman diorg...

    sepatutnya akak dipuji kerana mengikut rukun agama...
    nasib baik kebanyakan negara demokrasi...

  2. brilliant answers, kak aliya.. :)

  3. Assalamu'alaikumwarahmatullah.

    Just to share with you on this topic. I am a Muslim Malay currently residing in Houston with my wife and 4 kids. We have been here since 1995. Our imam in our masjid, a sheikh telling us that the only time we need to wash/cleanse 1 part with soiled water and another six with water is towards the food containers that licked by a dog. But if the dogs lick any part of your body, it is sufficient to clean it with soap and water. The hadith only mention food container but our Malay ulama' take this an apply to all. Our sheikh says do not haram what is halal and do not halal what is haram. Halal is clear and haram is also clear.

    Jazakillahulkhayr. Wassalam.

  4. It is not haram to touch a dog. There is no hadith states this. I think our malay folks phobia about dogs just becoz not wanting to spend time to cleanse with muddy water & 6 times plain water.
    Furthermore, muslim hunter use dogs to hunt. The dogs will retrieve the animals( eg. wild birds and others ) and bring them to its master. Never in history the master has to cleanse the retrieved animal with soiled water & 6X plain water. wassalam.