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"2 inches below the knees."
"The length of your pinafore should be at least 2 inches below your knees."
"You'd better lengthen it when you reach home. If Sister Marie sees you, she'd have a fit."
Yvette grinned. She was new to the school and her aquamarine-coloured pinafore was way above her knees. I was a school prefect and it was my duty to inform her that we were very strict about the students' dressing.

The Malaysian girls' school uniform have been the same ever since I could remember. I had looked at my mother's school photo back in the 50s and there she was, clad in the blue pinafore with white cotton blouse underneath it. I looked at mine back in the 80s and it was just the same - the same fashion (if you can even term the boring uniform as fashionable), the same colour, and the same material.

So what's the hu-ha about the white school blouse raised by the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia? (
Ohh... I forgot.
The white cotton baju kurung with the blue kain started to appear as a standard school uniform in the mid 1980s. I don't know who started the trend. I still remember the surprise I had when suddenly my Malay girl friends who used to run about with me in knee-length uniforms suddenly dorn the strange baju kurung in school. Of course, we accepted the cotton white baju kurung top and blue kain as we accepted everything else. No question asked. It's the Malay parents who want their girls to wear the white cotton baju kurung top with blue kain.

Why wasn't there any objection in those days?
For decades, Malaysian girls have been wearing the same type of uniform - white blouse and blue pinafore - to schools. We didn't hear about rapes and children born out of wedlock in those days.
For more than twenty years, the Muslim girls have been wearing the baju kurung to school without any problem.
Then the white cotton tudung complete the outlook and Muslim students have begun to cover their aurat, which is after all, a good thing to do.
For more than twenty years, no Muslim mufti or ulama in Malaysia have raised the issue of the school uniform as being 'sexy' and ' a tool to lure men'.
Do we need an association (Gosh, who are they anyway?) to instruct us on how students should dress in schools?

I am a teacher.
I know that no girls in their right mind will wear the white blouse or baju kurung top without a camisole, and no decent female teacher or mother will allow the girls to walk about in school with a bright-coloured brassiere underneath the white top. The same goes for white cotton blouses worn by prefects, school librarians and sixth-formers. In schools we teach about decency and respect. We remind students, both male and female, to respect those of the opposite gender. We nag and give demerit marks to those girls to stubborn to follow the school rules.
Of course there are some students who prefer to wear the white top made of syntactic material, which they claim is cooler. That's fine. Still they need to wear the camisole if they put on a skirt instead of the pinafore.

For the group to condemn the white blouse as part of the school uniform as a 'tool to lure men' is rather baseless. I wonder how many of the 'holier-than-thou' men in the group spent their time observing the school girls in blouses to be able to come up with such an idea. Why claim that the white blouse as part of the school uniform "invites rapes and pre-marital sex" and "causes distraction to men"? Perhaps the men in the group need to go for more Islamic lessons to prevent their minds to be distracted by the girls in white blouses, because I have yet to hear my male colleagues who see the students every school day to be distracted from their teaching in the classrooms!

Frankly speaking, I'd prefer Muslim girls to wear the long-sleeved white blouses and long blue skirts with a bolero/jacket on top of the blouse (can't distract the men when the colour of the brassiere is hidden) than the traditional white baju kurung. If all Muslim girls wear the former attire, this issue of changing the school uniform would have never seen the light of day. Of course, the traditionalists will probably come after me because wearing the Malay traditional baju kurung is "better" than the western-styled uniforms?
The group claims that they want to safeguard the modesty of Muslim female students. Heck, do they honestly think that the sexy ones will let a darker coloured or thicker blouse prevent them from 'trying to lure their targeted men'? Don't they realise that the baju kurung of any colour or thickness is actually a sexy-looking garment itself, drawing attention to the shape of the wearer's chest clearly without the cover of a tudung?
By the way, don't even think about forcing non-Muslim female students to wear the baju kurung daily as a 'safer option' (it isn't really) because that'd infringe upon their rights, and will just make them learn to hate Islam.

School students, given a choice, would rather not wear the school uniform. It's boring. It restricts their freedom of choice. Yet the school uniform has its benefits. It's used to ensure that all students, irrespective of race, and economic background are treated the same in schools. It gives students a sense of identity. It helps poor students to feel more at home in schools.

So, rather than condemn the white blouse, which are usually worn only by sixth-formers (students in other forms wear the blouses underneath the pinafore), it'd be better to teach the public to respect and protect their girls. It might be better for the group to insist that all Muslim female students wear the tudung, ignoring protests from urban Malay liberalists if it really wants to uphold the teachings of Islam. Also all Muslim men should also bear in mind that they too, have to guard their own aurat by lowering their gaze in front of non-muhrim women and girls. InsyaAllah if all Muslim men learn to do this, there won't be many rape cases happening in our society, white school blouses/baju kurung top or not.

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  1. kak,

    in my school I can see macam-macam pattern diorang punya baju dalam. Rasa elok jugak tukar colour sebab kadang2 budak2 ni baju dah nipis semacam pun pakai jugak tambah2 budak F5. Dah nak habis sekolah katanya, rugi beli baju......

  2. Assalamualaikum abuhanaan,
    Kalau tak silap akak, yang dimaksudkan 'diorg' tu adalah pelajar Melayu yang berbaju kurung? Sebab pelajar perempuan bukan Islam di F5 masih memakai pinafore kecuali mereka yang belajar di sekolah swasta. huhuhuuu...mungkin satu cara untuk mengubah sikap mereka yang degil tidak mahu memakai camisole atau baju singlet adalah dengan mensyaratkan mereka memakai T-shirt di atas baju kurung putih mereka untuk mengelakkan ternampaknya bra/baju dalam. Komitmen daripada guru-guru wanita amat penting dalam hal ini. Tak rugi apa-apa pun pelajar pakai baju dua lapis tambah lagi jikalau semua sudah nipis!

  3. aslm wbt

    i quite disagree with u in this issue. The issue is not about baju kurung, pinafore etc. They do suggest not to use baju kurung, they just raise the issue n in my opinion, the issue is right. I don't care whether previously nobody argues about this, what di I care about those previous people. i m not like jahiliah people who will use the action of their old people to defend their present action. Teringat sajak Mufti Perlis "Yang Benar Tetap Benar". Tak kiralah isu itu dibangkitkan sekarang kah, dulukah, atau masa depankah, segala isu agama mesti dilihat dari segi al-Quran dan as-Sunnah.

    Dalam masa yang sama saya berkongsi idea bahawa masyarakat jangan hanya dididik keperluan untuk perempuan menutup aurat menjaga maruah, masyarakat jga perlu di didik untuk menghrmati perempuan sebagaimana nabi muhammad saw menghormatinya.

    wallahu'alam (Allah Knows Best)

    Sokongan kepada PKPIM: Uniform Sekolah Perlu Dikaji Semula

    Assalamualaikum WBT.

    Minggu lalu, seorang pemimpin gerakan Islam, PKPIM telah memberikan satu pandangan berkaitan dengan uniform sekolah yang berwarna putih dan nipis sehingga boleh menampakkan tubuh si pemakai.

    Maka kedengaranlah pula bantahan beberapa pihak, lebih-lebih lagi apabila disebutkan bahawa pakaian sedemikian boleh menyebabkan masalah sosial seperti penzinaan, buang bayi dan lain-lain. Antara bantahan-bantahan yang kedengaran ialah:

    1) Gangguan seksual tiada kaitan dengan pakaian.
    2) Pakaian baju kurung ini sudah lama dipakai, hatta wanita UMNO pun pakai baju kurung.
    3) Cuba menggantikan budaya tempatan dengan budaya arab.

    Sebelum kita mengulas bantahan-bantahan tersebut, apa kata kita lihat pula nilai isu ini dari segi Islam. Apabila bercakap soal hukum, mestilah disandarkan pada Al-Quran dan As-Sunnah, dan bukan menggunakan logik akal semata-mata. Penggunaan logik akal semata-mata akan membawa kepada dua aliran ekstrim iaitu terlalu mudah sehingga tidak ada peraturan langsung ataupun terlalu ketat sehinggakan orang yang mahu mengamalkan agama Islam seperti hidup di dalam neraka.

    Isu di sini ialah pakaian tersebut nipis, menonjolkan tubuh disebalik kain itu.

    Abdullah Bin Amru Ra berkata: Aku telah mendengar Rasulullah SAW berkata: Pada akhir zaman nanti ada wanita-wanita dari kalangan umatku yang berpakaian namun pada hakikatnya mereka bertelanjang. Di atas kepala mereka seperti punuk unta. Kutuklah mereka itu kerana sesungguhnya mereka wanita terkutuk. (Riwayat at-Thabrani di nilai sahih oleh al-Albani di dalam Jilbab al-Mar'ah al-Muslimah fi al-Kitab wa al-Sunnah).

    Hadith di atas menjadi bukti bahawa pakaian yang nipis yang menunjukkan tubuh disebalik pakaian masih belum cukup syarat menutup aurat, bahkan ia seolah-olah bertelanjang.

    Usamah Zaid pernah berkata: Rasulullah SAW pernah memberiku baju qibthiyah yang tebal hadiah dari Dihyah al-Kalbi. Baju itu saya pakaikan kepada isteri saya. Rasulullah SAW bertanya kepada saya: “Kenapa engkau tidak pernah memakai baju qibthiyah. Saya menjawab: Saya telah memberikan baju itu kepada isteriku. Baginda SAW lalu berkata:Perintahkan isterimu agar memakai pakaian dalam disebaliknya. Sesungguhnya aku takut ia menggambarkan bentuk tulangnya (Riwayat Ahmad. Al-Albani menilainya hasan)

    Hadith di atas pula menunjukkan tentang hukum memakai pakaian yang ketat sehingga membentuk tubuh badan. Ini menunjukkan bahawa pakaian yang ketat itu masih belum cukup syarat untuk menutup aurat.

    Dua bukti di atas ini menunjukkan bahawa pakaian yang nipis dan ketat adalah satu pakaian yang bertentangan dengan Islam.

    Maka, komen dan idea yang dilontarkan oleh PKPIM adalah satu yang benar dan tepat. Mereka adalah organisasi yang berteraskan Islam, segala apa tindakan, kata-kata dan idea yang dilontarkan mestilah selari dengan Islam, maka di dalam hal ini PKPIM adalah benar dan penentang-penentangnya adalah salah.

    Apakah penyelesaiannya? Menukar warna pakaian, jenis kain ataupun apa?

    Bagi saya ada beberapa jalan yang boleh diambil:

    1) Mewajibkan pelajar-pelajar yang memakai baju kurung melabuhkan tudung sehingga menutupi dada. Ini selari dengan perintah al-Quran:

    Katakanlah kepada wanita yang beriman: “Hendaklah mereka menahan pandangannya, dan kemaluannya, dan janganlah mereka menampakkan perhiasannya, kecuali yang (biasa) nampak dari padanya. Dan hendaklah mereka menutupkan kain tudung kedadanya (an-Nur:31).

    2) Melarang penggunaan kain yang nipis sehingga boleh terlihat warna tubuh, pakaian dalam.

    3) Mewajibkan pemakaian pakaian dalam seperti singlet selain daripada coli. Maka tidak timbul lagi isu pelajar perempuan yang hanya memakai coli sebagai pakaian dalam.

    4) Melarang pemakaian pakaian dalam yang berwarna terang yang kontras dengan warna putih.

    Banyak cara untuk menangani masalah ini, dan pilihlah jalan yang paling mudah dan yang paling tidak membebankan pelajar dan khususnya ibu bapa dari segi kewangan dan lain-lain. Selain daripada undang-undang, ibu bapa di rumah wajiblah memberi penekanan ke atas pakaian yang menutup aurat, didiklah anak-anak berpakaian menutup aurat kerana ia hukum Allah, dan bukan kerana takut didenda di sekolah.

    Mari kita lihat pula bantahan sesetengah pihak ke atas idea yang dilontarkan oleh PKPIM.

    1) Pakaian tiada kaitan dengan gangguan seksual.

    Pernyataan ini benar sekiranya dikatakan bahawa pakaian inilah satu-satunya punca masalah sosial dan seksual. Akan tetapi apabila kita menyatakan ia menjadi salah satu punca, bukanlah bermaksud kita menafikan punca-punca yang lain. Apabila kita menyatakan pakaian yang menjolok mata boleh menaikkan ghairah seksual, bukanlah bermaksud kita menafikan bahawa filem-filem pornografi merupakan punca berlaku kes-kes salah laku seksual. Kita tidak pernah menafikan sebaliknya kita hanya menyatakan bahawa pakaian adalah salah satu punca, bukan satu-satunya punca masalah ini.

    Apakah kita mahu menafikan perkaitan pakaian dengan nafsu seksual? Saya tidak fikir ada suami-suami di luar sana apabila pada waktu malam mahu bersama dengan si isteri, dia mahu si isteri memakai jubah labuh siap dengan purdah lagi. Cuba baca apa kata pakar seksologi tentang teknik-teknik untuk menggoda dan menarik perhatian suami dalam hubungan seksual, antara cadangan yang pasti ada ialah tentang pakaian yang mengghairahkan. Jadi ini menunjukkan pakaian masih mempunyai fungsi dan pengaruh di dalam isu seksual tanpa menafikan faktor-faktor yang lain.

    2) Pakaian baju kurung ini sudah lama dipakai.

    Amat malang apabila ada kumpulan yang mengaku intelektual, berhujah sedemikian rupa. Sifat ini tidak ubah seperti golongan kafir yang apabila disuruh mengikut Islam, mereka berhujah bahawa apa yang mereka pegang ini telah diamalkan oleh nenek moyang mereka. Hal ini telah disinggung oleh Allah SWT.

    "Dan apabila dikatakan kepada mereka: "Ikutilah apa yang diturunkan Allah." Mereka menjawab: "(Tidak), tetapi kami (hanya) mengikuti apa yang kami dapati daripada bapa-bapa kami mengerjakannya." Dan apakah mereka (akan mengikuti bapa-bapa mereka) walaupun syaitan itu menyeru mereka ke dalam seksa api yang menyala-nyala (neraka)?" (Luqman:21).

    3) Cuba menggantikan budaya tempatan dengan budaya arab.

    Inilah satu pernyataan yang paling lucu, amat malang bagi akhbar yang mempunyai penulis yang tidak faham bahasa Melayu. Entah dari mana dibacanya bahawa idea ini untuk menghapuskan budaya tempatan. Tidak ada satu perkataan pun dalam idea yang dilontarkan oeh PKPIM untuk menukar baju kurung kepada jubah. Adakah penulis yang bukan Melayu itu tidak faham Bahasa Melayu (Malaysia?).

    Saya berharap agar gerakan-gerakan Islam di Malaysia, JIM, PAS, ABIM, PKPIM, Institut al-Qayyim, Institut Ibnu Hajar, Institut Al-Mizan, Karisma, Al-Khadeem dan lain-lain dapat kehadapan menzahirkan sokongan padu ke atas saudara seIslam kita di dalam isu ini. Sanggupkan kita melihat saudara seaqidah kita dari PKPIM dilanyak begitu sahaja oleh media-media yang didokong oleh orang-orang kafir dan juga orang-orang Islam yang berideologi kafir? Sanggupkah kita melihat sekali lagi hukum Islam diperleceh di bumi Malaysia ini.

    Janganlah kita hanya berfikir mahu menjaga hati orang-orang kafir sedangkan dalam masa yang sama mereka menulis sesuka hati dan mencabar orang Islam. Janganlah orang Islam ini menjadi takut nak mengzahirkan keIslaman mereka, takut hilang sokongan dan lain-lain. Ingatlah ayat terakhir surah al-Kafirun "Bagimu agamamu, bagiku agamaku".

    Undian Buletin Utama: 73 peratus setuju pakaian seragam putih dinilai

    Isu baju kurung putih pelajar perempuan jarang, seksi-Roslan SMS

    Seragam sekolah: standard yang perlu dipertimbangkan-Nur Salbiha

    School uniform sexy, says group-The Star

    School uniform not sexy: PAS

    Pakaian pelajar perempuan: Ketua Muslimat PAS bidas Hishamuddin

  4. W'salam Masri,
    Hahahaa... Do you all realise that by just one sweeping statement that the school uniform is sexy, it seems to imply that Muslim parents all over Malaysia are not doing their duty in ensuring that their daughters are decently dressed? That teachers in schools fail in making sure that schoolgirls wear their school uniform properly? That lady teachers don't nag and tell students to wear camisoles if their blouses are transparent? That the school teachers don't bother about rules that give demerit marks for girls who break the school rules eg by being rude, wear unsuitable clothing etc? That most girls, never mind their race or religion, never mind that they wear tudung, go about trying to be sexy and trying hard to lure men? That most Malaysian school girls have nothing in their heads but think about sex, money and fun? That parents all this while have been careless in bringing up daughters before Munirah made the statement? And you want me to nod my head and say "aye, the school uniform is sexy. Bravo Munirah?" huhuhuuu...

    I also find it strange because as undergraduates they should know better. They should have supported their claims with statistics , facts and other data for people to take them seriously. Where's the research data to prove that girls in white school uniforms have a higher chance of being raped, molested, etc? My readings tell me that covering aurat in a Muslim is a sign of faith,and a hijab is a sort of uniform for a Muslimah in order to differentiate her from the kafir women. Hijab (covering all but the face and palms) is worn to protect a Muslim woman's dignity. So if indeed Munirah's group is fighting for the cause of Islam, then by all means, go and demand that all Muslim students cover their aurat in schools, by wearing the white tudung. Never mind that their call might fall on deaf ears because some of the Muslim Minister's own children are 'freehair'? For isn't the best way to prevent unwanted attention from men is to really cover the aurat?
    If Munirah and her group really want to champion for Islam, then go all the way. Insist on the tudung as a compulsory uniform for Muslim girls and not just harp on the white blouse asa tool of temptation. Then insyaAllah they'll have my full support :)

  5. aslm wbt

    heh this time i fully agree with amoi.

    Maybe they should not mention about molest, incest etc.

    Just state that we must change the uniform bcoz it does not cover aurat properly.

    Sometime muslims always tries to find reason in oing something, for example covering aurat to avoid being raped. And non muslim uses this issue to say that those who cover their aurat are also being raped.

    however, i still hold my opinion by saying that the wear we dress has effect on sexuality. However it is not only the factor.

    secondly, i can see that many muslim still do not understand the concept of covering aurat. so when u say that dos it mean parents, teachers has not done their duty to teach their daughters and pupils. i can say no bcoz i believe they might think that the present cloth already covering aurat. if they know it does not fulfill islamic criteria, i believe that many parents will choose non transparent cloth for their daughters. same with teachers, they might don't know, if they know, i beleive that many teachers will advise their pupils, however they only have right to advice, not tu punish bcoz there is no legal rulings to implement such rules in school.

    that's why this matter was brought to public, so the government can do something.

    wallahu'alam (God Knows Best)

  6. kak alya,

    can u imagine what will be the respond of sister in islam, wanita UMNO, if sis Munirah made the statement like u want, ahaha

    i assume they will respond by saying that religious is personal matter, don't interfere in other people life. n those non muslim from The Star, n other will say that this is the step to change Malaysia into Taliban counrty.

    but i still wonder, where is the muslim MP, why didn't they respond, where is wan azizah, nurul izzah, dr Lo' Lo', why dn't they respond, if they disagree with Munirah like u do, they must give clear statement that covering aurat is compulsory, so government must impplemet the rule to oblige pupils to cover aurat in school.

    where r all MPs?

    why did they keep quiet? why did they let this issues being commented by those stupid Malay.

    at least they must speak out,

    i see that nowadays many people are afraid to talk about Islam. maybe they r afraid to lose support from non muslim.

  7. W'salam Masri,
    Hahahaa... welcome to Malaysian politics.
    People are afraid to really voice their opinion because they fear many things.. sometimes we forget that everything is determined by Allah swt, and we should only fear His wrath for not obeying Him.

  8. thanks very much, you helped me with my homework...
    by the way it's only up to the students themselves, the morality they's just their thinking.
    if i were you and the dictator of the world, i'd plant microchips in thieir heads :)