Tuesday, May 6


If I were not a Muslim, I would have done worse things that waiting patiently in the car.

I was being locked out of my own house.
The house that I shared with my former husband.We are going to sell the house but there has been no buyers. That's fine with me 'cause I could wait. Both our things were still in the house as I am still searching for a better lodging with enough space to keep all my furniture from the former house.
I was told that the locks were still the same, and that he has moved to another city, leaving the house under the care of his family members.
I messaged him early in the morning to inform that I'd be returning to take some of my belongings. He didn't reply.
When I reached the house I couldn't open both the doors. He had changed the locks without informing me.
I called him on the phone but he was uncooperative as usual, which was one reason why I left him :P
He merely said that his sister whose house is in the same block will be returning with the keys.

I waited half an hour before she came. Then I was not given the keys to the house. She had the keys; she opened the door for me, and she locked the house after me.
I had asked for a key so I could enter MY OWN HOUSE without having her spying on my every move inside the house but she refused to, citing that my former husband had not given permission.
He alone has the keys into the house we share. Heck, I'm still paying my part of the housing loan!
And how am I to know if he has taken any of my belongings away?
He has the keys to enter the house, not me.
If he's worried that I'd take anything that doesn't belong to me, well he's mistaken. I don't want a single thing that belongs to him; no thanks. He is history and thank Allah for giving me the grace and courage to leave!!
I'm sick of quarrelling him on the telephone because it's a waste of my time and my money.
He refuses to cooperate because he still blames me for daring to divorce him and embrace Islam (I think) :P

I'm no angel.
I admit, I cursed him under my breath when the sister said, "Sorry, can't give you the key. Call him every time you want to return to the house then I'll open the door for you."

I've been so busy this week that I have no time to seek a lawyer for advice.
I need to know if that @@#%$^& former husband of mine has the right to deny me entry into my own house, without the sister as the key holder.
I was so tempted to drive to the police station and lodge a police report against him - but for what reason?
I have the legal papers to the house to prove that part of it is mine.

If you were me, what's the best thing to do?
a. lodge a police report stating the sister trespasses my house without my permission and keep things of her own inside it without my permission?
b.lodge a police report stating that I am denied access into my own house by my former husband who has changed the lock without my knowledge and permission?
c. sue him in court which will cost me my own hard-earned money?

I've been very patient with that @#$%&@ bully as I am applying the Islamic concept of not shaming anyone in public but he and his family are getting on my nerves. Note here that I have not stated his name, his sister's and details of their jobs etc even when I have the information.


  1. Dear Aliya,

    I would have been so pissed off too!!! it is YOUR HOUSE, what's his problem? You definitely have the right to have a set of keys as YOU ARE PAYING for the house too!!!

    Yes, get a lawyer and in the mean time, sabar and zikir banyak2...


  2. salam..
    sobrun jamil..bersabarla kak aliya..inshaAllah ada kesenangan di hadapan sana..

    saya dah lama baca blog akak ni..bole tak kalo saya letak link blog ni kat blog saya?


  3. Berdoa dan bertahajud. Mohon petunjuk Allah, agar setiap keputusan dibawah naunganNya. InsyaAllah tiada apa yg perlu diragukan apapun termasuk rezeki dan masa depan.

  4. W'salam,
    sabar... I'm sabar but each time I contact him, my BP raises, huhuhuu. Dia memang begitu since I left to further my studies and he stayed behind.. a case of cemburu @ hasad dengki?
    Yes, u are welcome to add a link to my blog :)

  5. Lodge the report.

    There is nothing wrong with defending your property.

    When Mohammad was attacked, he defended.

    When he was wrong, he sought vengeance.

    Do the report. Take him to court.