Friday, May 9


She hugged her daughter.
She waved her daughter good-bye.
She watched as the lovely young lady whom she had brought into the world 17 years ago walked away to join the rest of participants of the National Service programme.

Her daughter had lived in a hygienic, protective environment all her life.
She had been fed the best food her Chinese parents could afford.
She had been used to eating Chinese food served hot from the wok.
The mother worried whether her daughter could adapt herself to the new environment in the camp and the food served there.

At home, the mother prayed for the safety of the daughter.
She waited for the phone call from her daughter which would always bring tears into her eyes because she missed her very much.
She had sighed in relief when the young woman's SPM results was announced. 7As is quite a feat. Her daughter was indeed an intelligent young woman.
She was eagerly waiting for her daughter's return home to continue her studies in Form 6.
She had probably prepared the ingredients for her daughter's favourite dishes as a welcome home feast.
She had probably bought new school uniforms for her daughter.

She knew that her daughter was suffering from constipation for three days.
She must had given a lot of advice to her daughter.
She must had been very worried.
To her shock, she received a phone call telling her that her daughter was sick and was taken to the hospital.
The second call stated that her daughter was having problems urinating.
The third call told her that her daughter was being warded.
She must had been preparing to go to her daughter that very night.
The last phone call informed her of her daughter's death.
She was devastated.

Which mother wants her child to return home in a hearse?
Which mother wants to witness her own child's funeral?
Which mother could bear to know that her child's death might have been prevented?

As mothers all around the world celebrate Mothers' Day on Sunday, there will be one more mother without her beloved child.
She'll never receive her daughter's hugs and kisses ever again.
She'll never have another conversation with her daughter.
She'll never see her daughter smile or hear her laugh.
She'll never witness her daughter's graduation.
She'll never witness her daughter's wedding.
She'll never get to carry her daughter's child.
She'll never get to experience all that for she had been robbed.
Other people's daughters are talking, laughing...breathing.
Her daughter is dead.

She must have regretted sending her daughter there.


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