Saturday, August 30


This Ramadhan

InsyaAllah I will...

1. strive to be a better Muslimah than today
2. talk less, listen more, smile more
3. perform more sunat prayers
4. be slow to anger and stress
5. be quick to give thanks and praises
6. be quick to forgive and seek forgiveness
7. avoid holding grudges
8. avoid wasting food for breaking of fast and sahur
9. avoid overeating during the breaking of fast and sahur
10. avoid wasting time on unnecessary activities
11. be an anonymous donor & charity worker
12. be an exemplary Muslim to other non-Muslims

I always like to start Ramadhan on a clean slate. Therefore I seek your forgiveness if I have in any way, consciously and unconsciously have offended you in my speech, my conduct or in my writings.

Live everyday as if it's your last day on earth, with happiness, gratitude and most importantly, without regrets.

Have a blessed Ramadhan al-Mubarak.

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