Saturday, August 23


If Islam is not the truth,
there won't be any attempt to destroy it
and its followers.
I have been aware of the existence of such websites, aimed to confuse Muslims and weaken their Deen.
Today, with Allah SWT's permission I will list the sites I know of.

InsyaAllah Islam will never be destroyed. Those people are fighting a losing war, for not only they spend time and money against Islam and Muslims, they will only end up seeing more and more Muslims venturing forth in the cause of Islam, with more dedicated and new reverts embracing Islam. Islam is the largest spreading religion in the West. Some new reverts to Islam are the highly acclaimed professionals, knowledgeable people who have studied the Holy Quran and are convinced of the truth of Islam.

On the other hand, the people who leave Islam or become murtad will be the thorns which will end up destroying their new community. We don't need these weak murtads. In the days of Khalifah Abu Bakar al-siddiq he dealt with them harshly for they were like leprosy that will spread its ugliness if left on its own.

We, as Muslims mukmin, don't need to curse the authors of those sites. Nor do we need to hurl abuses at them. Prophet Muhammad saw was a perfect example of a man we should emulate. He was gentle and patient. Just be aware of their existence and inform others about them. In this month of Syaaban, one of the haram months, let's strive hard to be better Muslims. We can enter the sites to debate, learn about the lies they spread and how to counter them, or we can simply ignore them. Do feel sorry for the authors for their eye have been blinded from seeing the truth, and their hearts hardened by ignorance. People hate things they fear most, and fear of the unknown is the worst type of fear to have.

If Islam is weak and wrong, it wouldn't be here today, with more followers than during the days of Prophet Muhammad saw.
If Islam is bad, nobody will bother to fight against Islam, nor spread bad propaganda against Islam.
Islam would have died a natural death hundreds of years ago.

We Muslims are a blessed lot.
We know the truth.
With knowledge comes power, love and compassion.
Allah has promised to guard the Holy Quran till the end of the world.
Our duty is to spread the truth about Islam, and live life according to Islamic teachings.
InsyaAllah Islam will prevail.


  1. salam sis...
    terima kasih atas peringatan....

  2. just learn from your Quran. And watch your step in your religion.

  3. Assalamualaikum Aliya,

    Maksud Hadis : Aku tinggalkan untuk kamu dua pusaka, yang kamu tidak akan sesat selamanya jika kamu berpegang kepadanya iaitu Al-Qur'an dan Sunnah.

    Tapi umat Islam hari ini tidak ramai yang mahu mendalami agamanya sendiri. Mereka lebih disibukkan dengan perkara2 lain sehingga Islam itu terpinggir dari kehidupan mereka. Jika ada pun, sekadar ibadah2 wajib yang mereka lakukan, itupun kadangkala disesuaikan dengan kehendak hawa nafsu-jika tidak sesuai dengan kehendak hawa nafsu, ia ditinggalkan.
    Kadang2 saya rasa lebih ramai yang duk sibuk2 cari hantu @ memasuki dunia paranormal daripada menyibukkan diri untuk mencari dan mendalami kefahaman Islam mereka. Ia diburukkan lagi dengan media elektronik yang seperti tidak ada kawalan dengan menghidangkan cerita2 seperti ini untuk tatapan umum. Cerita2 seperti ini semakin menjauhkan umat Islam daripada Islam, itu belum ditambah lagi dengan macam2 aktiviti yang semuanya hanya untuk berseronok2.

  4. Allah will decide my fate. And as for you octopus, Allah has chosen this verse to answer your comment, as it reveals itself when I opened the Quran today-
    "Therefore give warning; your mission is only to warn them. You are not their overseer. But he who turns his back and disbelieves, Allah shall inflict on him the greatet chastisements.To Us they shall surely return, when We shall bring them into account." (surah al-Gahshiyah)

  5. Waalaikumussalam Umi Jah,
    Jika kekuatan Islam adalah terletak pada ajarannya, maka kekuatan umat islam terletak pada iman/jiwa/hati-nya, dan tentu saja juga pada lahiriahnya. Sedangkan kelemahan dakwah islam adalah disebabkan oleh kelemahan umat Islam yang semakin jauh dengan Allah SWT. Kelemahan ini terutama disebabkan dua hal- Cinta Dunia, dan Takut Mati. Umat Islam yang cinta akan dunia dan mengejar kebahagiaan dunia saja, secara pasti sedang menuju kepada kehancuran, walaupun mereka berjumlah banyak sebagaimana banyaknya buih-buih di lautan.
    Umat Islam akan dikalahkan jika mereka terlalu cinta kepada dunia, terlalu asyik pada kebendaan. Maksudnya, hati umat Islam tertambat pada kemewahan dunia, memperkayakan diri dengan mencari kedudukan dan pangkat, dalam ertikata lain bahawa dunia menjadi matlamat mereka. Penyakit cinta dunia ini akan memalingkan tujuan hidup mencari keredhaan Allah s.w.t. kepada mencari keuntungan-keuntungan yang bersifat kebendaan sehingga untung rugi hidup diukur dengan untung ruginya kebendaan. Pada saat itu, surut semangat juangnya untuk membela kepentingan Islam dan umatnya, tidak ada keghairahan, takut menghadapi risiko dalam segala hal dan mengutamakan "apa-apa hal keselamatan diri "dan apa-apa hal untung yang dapat", akhirnya hilang harga dan nilai diri. Akhirnya ia tidak mau berjuang untuk menegakkan agama Islam sehingga menjadi manusia muslim yang acuh tak acuh kepada agamanya.
    (dipetik dari sebuah risalah online)

  6. Attempts to Destroy the Islamic 'Aqeedah

    Allah (swt) created this life and subjected it to a specific system from which it cannot deviate. He (swt) said:

    "And the system of Allah will not be altered."

    [Qur'an Al-Ahzab:62]

    "And the system of Allah will not be changed."

    [Qur'an Al-Israa':77]

    Part of this system is the struggle between the Truth (Al-Haqq) and Falsehood (Al-Batil). Never will the Haqq tolerate the Batil, nor will the Batil ever accept the Haqq. The struggle is continuous and ever-lasting and may take various forms, ranging from intellectual to physical or political.

    A quick look at the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (saws) shows that he struggled against the Batil. In Makkah, he (saws) was invalidating their beliefs and ridiculing their value system and culture with no fear or compromise. In fact, all the prophets and messengers carried this mentality and followed this procedure, and, as a result, every prophet and messenger was opposed by the Kufr surrounding him. In Madinah, when Muhammad (saws) established the Islamic State, it was used as a platform for carrying Islam to other nations and challenging the Kufr systems and ways of life with the Islamic world order. The Prophet (saws) was continuously interacting with other nations with the intent of making the Haqq supreme over all other ways of life.

    This struggle continued immediately after his death. The Muslim Ummah struggled against other nations, be they idolaters, Persians, Romans, Tatars, Moguls, Crusaders, or Communists. Today, the Ummah is still struggling against the Secular Capitalist nations. Therefore, struggling between the Ummah of Islam and other nations is a natural occurrence due to the fact that the Muslim Ummah's fundamental task is to carry the Islamic Da'wah to the world as a creed from which a comprehensive system emanate. Such a task mandates that the Ummah challenge the ideas of Kufr and exposes their invalidity for the purpose of making Allah's system and ideology the supreme ideology for all humanity. Thus, the fundamental task of the Ummah defacto will be to engage itself in a struggle between Islam and Kufr, between the Haqq and the Batil.

    Although the struggle is part of the reality of Allah's creation, the means, methods, and shapes of the struggle vary. For example, the West called upon the Muslims to embrace Christianity and Secularism directly by using missionaries but failed miserably. The Ummah refused to abandon its Deen and embrace the Kufr ideas of Christianity and Secularism. Consequently, the West replaced this direct approach with a clandestine one from which it reaped tremendous success. This approach introduced Western ideas as being compatible with Islam, and rather than relying on missionaries and Orientalists to convey these ideas, it relied on polished and prepared Muslim individuals and groups that were thrust into the limelight. Jamal ud-Deen al-Afghani, Muhammad 'Abduh, and Khayr ud-Deen at-Tunisi were but a few examples of such Kufr tools that were used at the turn of this century.

    These characters introduced Western ideas as being Islamic knowing that they are serving the interests of the West, and therefore become traitors to Allah (swt), His Messenger (saaw), and the Ummah, such as al-Afghani and his student Muhammad 'Abduh, as their correspondences to each other and to the British envoy in Egypt reveal. They also served the Western interests by carrying Western ideas and points of view in life out of ignorance. Regardless of the intentions and motives of such individuals, the end result is the same: Furthermore, they established the roots of Kufr in the ideological soil of the Ummah, and kept the Muslims away from the correct method of revival.

    As the system of Allah (swt) mandates, the struggle and confrontation must continue. Therefore, the propagation of Kufr ideas to the Ummah must continue. As long as the Muslim Ummah has no immune system - the intellectual elevation that would enable the Muslims to differentiate between Islam and Kufr, and the political entity that would prevent the dissemination of Kufr concepts among the Ummah - to prevent the penetration of these ideas, such ideas will continue to exist among the Muslims.

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  8. Mari kita sama-sama perhatikan maksud ayat ini.
    Allah menjadi pelindung kepada orang-orang beriman, mengeluarkan mereka dari kegelapan [jahiliyah dan kufur] kepada cahaya [iman dan islam]. Bagi orang-orang kafir pelindung-pelindung mereka ialah taghut, mengeluarkan mereka dari cahaya kepada kegelapan, mereka adalah ahli neraka, mereka akan kekal di dalamnya. Maksud al-baqarah 257