Sunday, August 10


It's been a busy week. Shopping, lesson plans, school projects, students' homework, and my own housework took a lot of my time and zapped my energy. Lots of ideas to write but hardly enough time to type.

For a starter, the invitation letter to my convocation was lost in the mail, so I had to travel all the way to the uni to get another copy. I was also worried that I might not get to graduate as planned due to technical errors. Anyway, it's all settled. On the other hand, I could not order the special edition of photo frame sold by my university's alumni, with my name printed on it (uhuk3) as I received the second mail after the closing date for the mail order. Oh well, guess it's just not meant to be. I'm just thankful that I'm going to graduate.. although it's just a degree. For a late starter like me ( during those days, it was difficult to further one's studies in one is poor) it is another dream come true. Alhamdulillah.

Saturday was also a school day, as we're taking an extra day off for Aidilfitri. There were only a small number of students present despite our reminders. Some of my 'heroes' - communicating with them is easy as they still respect me as a teacher - had the cheek to inform me beforehand on Friday that they wouldn't be going to school the next day, so I wouldn't have to work that hard.
"Where are you going on Saturday?" I asked the gentlemen.
"No where. We'll be watching the Olympics at home."
Oh dear.

'Teacher Alia, teacher no need go to our class today. Only 8 students come to school. All girls, no boys.'
I read the note on my table and shook my head. Students nowadays can be so bold. More determined than ever, I walked to the classroom right at the end of the school building and found all 8 of them at their desks.
"Class will be conducted as usual even if there's one student," I informed them.
And they obeyed.

Alhamdulillah.. I'm feeling better now. The latest medication supplied by the doctor is more effective and due to the extra supplements I'm taking (am getting tired of swallowing the tablets) I'm more like my old self again. I pray it'd remain this way or better.


  1. Assalamualaikum..

    Akak..tahniah atas konvokesyen, berusaha akhirnya berjaya..akak konvo kat universiti mana?..:)

  2. Waalaikumussalam nurhuda,
    Terima kasih.. konvo di USM Penang.. insyaAllah 16 ogos ni :)

  3. wah...sudah konvo...nani pulak belum tentu lagi tarikhnye..esh esh esh..