Friday, July 4


Whoever applies for a job as a language teacher in Malaysia should reconsider his or her decision. It's tough being one nowadays.

Words that I pray none of my cheeky teenage male students will ask me in class:
1. sodomy
2. statutory declaration
3. oral sex
4. anal intercourse

With the current political situation and news reported in the media, it's becoming normal for people to come across such words. Th use of newspapers as a teaching tool also means such news reach the students in printed form. It'd be difficult keeping a straight face when a cheeky boy decides to stand up and ask,"Teacher, I have a problem. What is sodomy?"

And I am one who, when asked, am obliged to answer to the best of my ability :P
So, how does a Muslim lady teacher answer the above question, while maintaining respectability and modesty? huhuhuuu...

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