Friday, January 22


I received another SMS this afternoon from a 019 number. Wonder if any reader has also received this. It seems that the scam has been going on for quite some time, from year 2007 actually until the middle of 2009 but perhaps due to the current economic downturn, it has resurfaced. I think TV3 show 360 had discussed this scam before.

From 019-532498*
'Nombor SimCard Anda tlh terpilih dlm undian &Memenangi Hadiah terkini. RM20,000. NO.SIRI2R447YK Dr Syrkt, SHELL-BERHAD. Sila dail; 014-86697**
[translated: Your SimCrad number has been chosen in a lucky draw and won the latest prize RM20,000. From Shell-Berhad. Please dial ....]

It's really irritating. Grrrrr, some irresponsible people must be misusing people's private data passing on people's phone number to these scoundrels. That reminds me- Never put contest forms in the boxes at petrol stations where foreigners work but post them to the given address.

I tried calling back but there's nobody answering on the other end. The number given had a waiting tone.
I checked for further information online and here's what I got :

"Shell Malaysia wishes to warn members of the public of the following scam.

It has come to Shell's attention that Short Messaging System (SMS) text messages are being sent to people claiming that they have won prizes from Shell Malaysia. Typically the sms will tell the SMS recipient that they have won a cash prize from Shell.

Please do not reply but ignore the sms. Shell Malaysia does NOT use text messages to communicate to our contest winners.

All winner announcements for contests run by Shell are advertised in the media and available on the Shell Malaysia website Winners will also receive a phone call informing them of their win by a Shell appointed agency. At which point, Shell's agency will need to verify the winner's name, NRIC and address for the prizes to be couriered to the winners. Shell does NOT require any bank account numbers, etc. If ever in doubt, please do check the website to ensure that you are indeed a Shell contest winner.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter."


Has anyone been duped before? Sorry to say, but yes, there have been people, locals, who thought they were going to be a few thousand ringgit richer but ended up poorer.

Never trust anyone who asks for your bank account number.

Remember that if something sounds to good to be true, then it probably is[a lie].

So please be careful, just delete such SMS or even emails. And remember to warn your friends and loved ones, especially the senior citizens about this scam. You'd never know who might be fooled into parting with their hard earned money.


  1. sounds too good to be true kan..?

    'no. sim kad anda telah terpilih' instead of 'pemilik no. sim kad ini telah terpilih' .. how stupid!

  2. Yes, Humyrah, sounds too good to be true. However, there are still some gullible people who are too eager to be rich, who'd believe in these tricks.

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