Monday, August 10


If there's one thing I like about Indonesia, it's the singers.
They produce many good spiritual songs. Simple songs but meaningful lyrics, those that teens will love and can identify with. Not the preaching types or rather childish types of nasyeed that are so common here.

Here's one of the songs that I like.
We won't know when our own time is up. It could be in a minute, in an hour or maybe in ten years' time. So don't be too confident that we still have plenty of time to repent and change. Don't be too sure that we would live long enough to turn over a new leaf, as some want to believe, and only then be God-fearing people.
Your life here might just about to expire.

This is specially dedicated to all my darlings F5 who have been bombarding me with SMSes asking for tips and advices for the coming exam, which starts tomorrow. As school's been closed for a week, I don't blame them for being nervous.
Just hope our teens are just as serious and committed when it comes to Islamic studies and their own investment for akhirat, as they are in their academic studies.

Sorry if there's any wrong translation, I'm not well-versed in Bahasa Indonesia

"If I had known
that my death is near
I would have pray to God
to prolong my life
If I had known that my time's up
I would have prayed to God not to take my life
I am afraid of all my sins I've committed
I am afraid of the sins that continue to overshadow my life

If I had known that your angel of Death would invite me home
Allow me to repent to You
I am afraid of all the sins I've committed
I am afraid of the sins that continue to overshadow my life
Forgive me for all my sins
Forgive me I'm crying in repentance to You
I am a human
who is afraid of hell
Yet I am not really striving for heaven"

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  1. a very nice and beautiful song by a rock band!