Thursday, August 13


"Mengapa tak makan ubat itu?"
"Kalau pahitpun, telan saja. Kalau tak makan ubat, bagaimana nak sembuh?"
"Pill itu terlalu besar, susah nak telan."
"Hancurkanlah, lebih mudah ditelan."
"Susahlah.. mak tolong hancurkan."

"Mengapa tak datang ke sekolah semalam? Mana surat sakit?"
" Tak bawa."
"Kamu sakit apa?"
"Err, saya bangun lewat."
"Mengapa tak gunakan jam loceng?"
"Minggu lalu kamu bagi alasan yang sama. Bagi surat dari bapa kamu esok!"

Begitu banyak alasan yang diberikan.
Dari perkara kecil dan remeh temah sehingga perkara besar dan penting.
Apakah perasaan kita apabila anak-anak memberikan alasan yang susah hendak kita terima?
Apakah tindakan kita apabila pekerja lain memberikan alasan yang lemah untuk mengelakkan diri daripada tugasan tertentu?
Tak marah?
Tak sakit hati?
Tak terkilan?

Bayangkanlah apabila kita disoal kelak.
Kita yang mengucap 2 kalimah syahadah.'
Kita yang mengaku diri kita sebagai hamba Allah.
Mengapa kamu tinggalkan solat?
Mengapa kamu tak tutup aurat?
Mengapa kamu menghampiri zina?
Mengapa kamu tak berpuasa?
Mengapa kamu tak bayar zakat?
Mengapa kamu putuskan siratulrahim?
Alasan apakah yang hendak diberikan di hadapan Allah swt?
Alasan kerja banyak sehingga lupa hendak solat?
Alasan kerana ibu bapa atau suami tak izinkan tutup aurat?
Alasan diri masih muda, nak enjoy dulu, bila tua baru nak jadi orang alim?
Alasan tak sempat bayar zakat dan tak tahu di mana pusat zakat?
Beranikah memberikan alasan-alasan tersebut di hadapanNya, sedangkan suruhanNya telah tersurat dalam kitab al-Quran, beserta jawapanNya kepada mereka yang ingkar?

Janganlah pandai memberi alasan, tetapi berusaha mencari penyelesaian.
Ampunilah hambaMu, Ya Allah.


  1. Assalamualaikum

    kak Aliya, sorry cause my comment is not related to your entry. but i'm really want to share what i found. first time i read this blog i said wow, its second wife's perspetive.

    i know its difficult for any woman to share their husband. i really know it because my mom is third in pecking order. being third wife is difficult, and being chinese married to other her own kind make things even more difficult.

    so when i read this blog, i sense something related to my story.

    if you have time so here it is.


  2. Waalaikumussalam azlan,
    Thanks for sharing. There are actually many blogs from the 2nd wife's perspective, also from the 1st wife's perspective, we just have to search around. I think the most difficult part is the lack of time together and the turns the wives have to take when you share a husband, but insyaAllah if we put Islam as the core of our family life, all problems can be solved.Not all women will be tested with this but if we are patient and loving, the rewards are great.
    I'd touch more about this issue later, as this is quite sensitive to some women :)
    Yes, I've read hers. I like what this sister said here

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  4. Waalaikumussalam azlan,
    Yes, it's not easy to be a part of a big family. I have never said that it's easy; but perhaps being there yourself, the challenges,have made you tougher and more resilient compared to other children? And that, although you don't like it, has been a blessing in disguise? Yes, your father made the mistake of no drawing a will. He will have to answer for that when the time comes, so will the rest of your relatives.Appreciate what you have, your mother and your siblings.
    Life is too short to continue carrying those burdens. Do let go, leave the past for Allah to deal with. We can't choose our relatives but we can learn how to deal with them.

  5. Assalamualaikum


    really nice word you kak Aliya. its like a strong hand on my shoulder. thank you kak Aliya.

    may Allah pouring you with His Rahmat, Tawfiq and Hidayah. Amin.


  6. Waalaikumussalam azlan,
    Thanks... ameen.
    Like I told my student yesterday, everyone has their own family problems. Always look on the bright side. I too choose not to tell much about my father for reasons I and my other family members know best.