Saturday, November 8


Just imagine this scene:
"Can I ask you a question? Why should a person who's born in a non-Muslim family become a Muslim?"
"Well, there is no compulsion in choosing a religion.."
"Tell me, you Muslims believe that Islam is the only true religion, right? That only Muslims, those who believe in Allah and that Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and follow the teachings of Islam will be granted heaven? So which part of the al-Quran says so?"
If you're a Muslim and has been appoached on the streets, in the library or at your workplace by somebody who is either eager to know the truth or is out to challenge your faith, what would you do?
If you intend to be a Muslim and your intention is challenged by your elders, what would you say when they ask you which part of the al-Quran says you must be a Muslim to enter heaven?

I've been asked so many times after reverting to Islam, as for the reason why I choose to be a Muslim. Asked whether the al-Quran has actually said anything about the need to revert to Islam. The argument is that, all religions teach us to be good, so why should you turn your back to the worship of your forefathers and become a Muslim? What's so special about Islam anyway?

The same question has been faced by countless of Muslim, born and reverts as for their reasons they choose Islam. If they hesitate or can't answer well, they'd be bombarded with more questions. But it isn't easy to get the suitable verses from the al-Quran if you are still new to it. It's a great challenge to flip through pages and pages of the translation of the al-Quran and find the verses that answer our enquiries. I know. I tried to remember all those important verses again tonight and I was still lost, huhuhu.

Refer to my past article whereby I voiced out my dilemma of doing my best without adequate resources available. I had merely voiced my frustrations of not being able to be like others who are born Muslims, brought up with all the knowledge of Islam, able to speak Arab. If I had those knowledge insyaAllah I may have been able to do more for my sisters and brothers in Islam. I'm striving towards it anyway.

Some quarters have misunderstood and accused me of showing off. There have been voices saying "Shut up! Show off! ( Nak tunjuk pandai)". I suppose the reason why most reverts (especially Muslimah reverts) are a silent minority is due to this reason - some Muslims among us are uncomfortable with reverts pointing out their mistakes and bringing them out of their comfort zone. I've faced that in university, I've faced that in the working environment and I've faced that online. But the Islam that I understand is one that requires its ummah to practise 'amar makruf nahi mungkar', to prevent bad deeds and misinformation through actions, words or the least, through prayers. So why all the discomfort and negative remarks to us who merely want to bring people to the true teachings of Islam, as revealed in the Quran and Hadith? Being new Muslims reverts does not mean being ignorant about Islam, although we may not be able to recite the Quran as perfectly as born-Muslims. And after going through bad storms in my journey to Islam (only reverts can relate to this), the criticisms are just little showers :)

Alhamdulillah syukur nikmat. Thank you for your comments,which act as a mirror for me. I'm thankful, for those negative comments help keep me in check, for all the criticisms and negative comments shows that Allah swt is keeping me from takbur. But I will not be silenced unless it's for the good of Islam and the ummah, for I bow in submission to none but Allah swt.

Here's a little help for those who might need these verses. They're very useful in many situations. Thanks to brother Kamaruddin of IPSI who has helped me to collect them in a short notice. This is one of my dreams for Islamic movement in Malaysia: that those who knows (the scholars) combine effort with those who has been (the reverts) to do a better job of Dakwah Islamiyah, insyaAllah.

Why should you be a Muslim?

In surah al-Baqarah 2:256
Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things
Tidak ada paksaan dalam menganut agama Islam, sesungguhnya telah jelas perbezaan antara jalan yang benar dengan jalan yang sesat. Barang siapa
ingkar kepada Tagut (Syaitan dan sebagainya selain Allah swt) dan beriman kepada Allah, maka sungguh, dia telah berpegang teguh pada tali yang sangat kuat yang tidak akan putus. Allah Maha Mendengar, Maha Mengetahui.

In surah al-Baqarah 2: 132
And this was the legacy that Abraham left to his sons, and so did Jacob; "Oh my sons! Allah hath chosen the Faith for you; then die not except in the Faith of Islam."
dan ibrahim mewasiatkan kepada anak-anaknya, demikian pula Yaakub. "Wahai anak-anakku! Sesungguhnya Allah telah agama ini untukmu, maka janganlah kamu mati kecuali dalam keadaan memeluk agama Islam".

Surah Ali Imran 3:85
If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter He will be in the ranks of those who have lost (All spiritual good).
Dan barang siapa mencari agama selain Islam, dia tidak akan diterima, dan di akhirat dia termasuk orang yang rugi

Surah Ali Imran 3:102
O ye who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared, and die not except in a state of Islam.
orang2 yg beriman! Bertakwalah kepada Allah sebenar-benar takwa kepadaNya dan janganlah kamu mati kecuali dalam keadaan muslim

And what about tests after being a Muslim?
In surah Ali Imran 3:186
Ye shall certainly be tried and tested in your possessions and in your personal selves; and ye shall certainly Hear much that will grieve you, from those who received the Book before you and from those who worship many gods. But if ye persevere patiently, and guard against evil,-then that will be a determining factor in all affairs.
Kamu pasti akan diuji dengan hartamu dan dirimu. Dan sudah pasti kamu akan mendengar banyak hal yang sangat menyakitkan hati dari orang-orang yang telah diberi Kitab sebelum kamu dan dari orang-orang musyrik. Jika kamu bersabar dan bertakwa, maka sesungguhnya yang demikian itu termasuk dalam urusan yang diutamakan.

And my favourite :)
Surah at-Thagabun 64:11
No kind of calamity can occur, except by the leave of Allah: and if any one believes in Allah, (Allah) guides his heart (aright): for Allah knows all things.
"tidak ada kesusahan atau bencana yang menimpa seseorang melainkan dengan izin Allah; dan sesiapa yang beriman kepada Allah, Allah akan memimpin hatinya untuk menerima apa yang telah berlaku itu dengan tenang dan sabar.

All the best to you, brothers and sisters in Islam, reverts and muallaf. May you find those verses from the al-Quran, the words of Allah swt, helpful in your own mission in life and during times of uncertainties. May Allah swt keep you strong in iman and bless you, ameen.


  1. Aliya.
    Like most of other malaysian muslims...I am lucky to be born into a muslim family. I dont have to go thru the things you went thru to find a true religion. But I am very2 grateful to you to be able to tumpang on your research, to help strengthening my akidah. Thank You Aliya. Please keep up the good work. ( Nowadays, I am almost addicted to your blog)

  2. Salam tikmidina,
    If anyone told me a year ago that this blog will grow and evolve into what it is today, I wouldn't have believed him or her. Praise Allah swt for His grace and guidance, and allowing this blog to reach out to so many people worldwide. If I could help a brother or sister in need, if I could bring someone back to the folds of Islam through my writing and sharing, then I'd not lived in vain.

  3. Everything you have said here is nearly exactly what the Christian god has promised.

    I would be more open towards Islam if this weren't in place

    If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter He will be in the ranks of those who have lost (All spiritual good).

    I can be a lawfully good person for the rest of my life and never be accepted in the afterlife for being a good person because I have rejected Islam.

    Thank you for believing this of me, even though you have never known me, the fact that I have rejected Islam automatically means that you believe this of me. I had a Muslim boyfriend. He claimed to have loved me, but believes I will be damned forever. Love me, and be comfortable with him entering heaven and me hell.

    *happily joins the ranks of the damned with her other good non-muslim friends*

  4. Dear Exchanger,
    There is and never was a Christian god. Jesus himself has never proclaimed himself as the son of God or God(I know, I read the whole Bible when I was a Christian)but had merely declared himself as the servant of God and asked his followers to worship the one and only God. Note that only in the holy book of al-Quran is Islam mentioned as the chosen religion God has for mankind, and that followers of Muhammad will call themselves Muslims (those who submit)
    Do know that the al-Quran and Islam has never condemned anyone as a lost soul until the moment the Angel of Death takes him/her.While one live, there's always a chance that he/she will be a Muslim. The Caliph Umar al-Khattab was a soldier who fought and killed many Muslims until he heard the recitations of teh al-Quran and became a Muslim.
    Your former boyfriend was wrong in judging you so harshly. Only Allah All Powerful and Merciful has the right to decide who shall enter heaven and hell. To reject Islam today doesn't mean you will continue be damned unless it is your wish to be so. I do not judge non Muslims as damned, if that's what you think I will. My remaining life's work is to help explain Islam as it is in the al-Quran and hadith in simple terms to others, Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
    I pray that you will be given taufik and hidayah to see the truth underneath the veil, God willing.

  5. Quote:

    Do know that the al-Quran and Islam has never condemned anyone as a lost soul until the moment the Angel of Death takes him/her.


    I had an inkling, because there is always a chance that one would convert while living. You are right about that.

    But we cannot forget the good people who died as non-Muslims. Perhaps none so close to you, unless one can live with the thought of loved ones who died as non-Muslims, but feel comforted in their faith to believe Allah would judge them fairly despite proclaiming them in earthly terms as damned.

    My uncle died a staunch Buddhist. By your reckoning, he is lost. A dear uncle, he personally utilized his hard earned funds to fund his wife's siblings through university (her parents were far too poor to send their children to beyond SPM level), we owe much to his kindness and goodness. If my mother did not get his unconditional financial help, I wouldn't be posting comments here right now.

    I cannot believe that such a good man, (and many many others) would be considered lost in the two major theological religions of Christianity and Islam. He wasn't perfect, but on the basis of not being a believer, he is condemned to be lost forever?

    As a sidenote, an interesting statement about 'there never was a Christian god' - With the many varied people in the world today, millions will firmly reject that statement and point out sections in the Bible that agree with them. To them, that is evidence enough. *shrugs*

    To each her own.

  6. Dear Exchanger,
    Perhaps you might not know that my parents and sibling are Buddhists. I've never consider them as lost souls, not do I ever shove Islam down their throats. I can only pray that they will be able to see the truth and beauty of Islam while being a good example of a Muslim myself. Allah swt is All Knowing, All Wise and All Just. It's His prerogative to choose who shall enter heaven or hell, who's lost or not, even among the nonbelievers. Only Muslims are promised an easier passage because we believe. Even then, we will still be judged by our performance during our life on earth and by our good deeds. We will only know for sure during Judgement Day.