Tuesday, November 25


My daily routine include guarding the main door from these intruders:
(It's easy, just swing a stick at them when the door's opened, hahaha)

Manja, the leader of the pack

Nakal, the younger cat with the ability to climb in through
half-opened window panes
Jantan and Tompok, who don't welcome my presence in the house
Kelabu, the burglar that stole into my bedroom in the middle of the night
through a broken window pane (3 times in 5 nights)

All those cats and about 8 more of their species are not our pets. They just turn up at the door, walk into the house with their dirty paws and expect to be fed.
I name them based on their characteristics.
Oh by the way, they understand Malay and sign language.
And they hate me, hahaha...

Hitam and Puteh, the domestic hens that lay their eggs at a strategic place - above the window

My daily menu of fish... meowww!!

Am patiently waiting for the return of these two gentlemen

- Abang and Ayah

and of course, for the grand lady of the house

- Mak


  1. How nice to see a slice of your everyday life! :-)

  2. Just a thin slice of my mundane post-surgery existence :P

  3. Wow! Nice way to keep yourself entertained at home. The cats look cute, I like the way you describe them as though they are human. Hehe! Are there any other animals around? Cows, kambings, perhaps? :)

    As for your beloved family members, just be patient, they'll be back in no time!

    Have a nice day...... Assalamualaikum.