Saturday, November 22


Alhamdulillah.. this blog is a year old today. It greeted the world on November 22, 2007 when I decided to spend time writing about my journey into Islam, with Husband away on his haj. And today, a year later, he's also away from home for 2 weeks on some important matters, huhuhu.

A lot has happened during this one year. I had never thought that writing and sharing would help me to grow spiritually and emotionally but it has.I feel that I'm a better Muslim today than last year, as many experiences that I had never thought of had taken place within this one year. Only Allah swt knows what's best for me. I've managed to survive alone for 45 days when Husband's performing his haj, graduate from the university, cope with an illness, manage to obtain my international pasport, and finally survive a major surgery. Syukur alhamdulillah for all Allah's guidance, grace and mercy upon me. I'm really, really thankful.

Today's the 5th day after my surgery. Alhamdulillah I'm able to walk about in my in-laws' house although with slow, careful steps. I'm able to take a hot shower this afternoon without feeling much pain. It sure feels good after a shower, which I limit myself to once a day if the weather's fine. Otherwise it's just sponging to keep myself clean. My appetite's still good although I'm getting tired of eating the same type of food and recipe for the third consecutive day (fish and rice). Well, mustn't complain too much - I'm just thankful to have my sis-in-law cooking for me, as mom and dad-in-law are still vacationing in USA.

Now I know how it feels like to be woman who had a ceaserean delivery. Although I've no baby to show, it's been a great challenge anyway. The wound is healing slowly, insyaAllah.. but as it's on the bikini line, it's very uncomfortable to sit down for too long. I'd get up in the middle of watching a tv programme and walk about to ease the pain. A constant backache that won't go away is bugging me lately. I'm hoping it'd wear off soon. Anyway, I'm stuffing myself with Jelly Gamat and a Centella drink daily besides taking the prescribed antibiotics, painkillers and vitamins. Gosh, it's not easy being a patient patient, isn't it? Ahh, now I know :P

Sorry if I bore you readers with my post-surgery news. The trouble is, I can't sit too long at the desk. Very, very uncomfortable. I've just had news that the yoga practice which involves three elements of physical movements, worshipping and chanting as haram (prohibited) in Islam. Also that the singer Michael Jackson has converted to Islam with the Islamic name of Mikaeel. I'm so glad that He allows me some time to read though my emails and surf the internet for about an hour a day. It's so boring here.

As for this blog, only He knows for how long it will continue. I leave its future into Allah's perfect plans. Having survived so many challenges and tests, I'm learning to trust and depend fully on Him for my future. InsyaAllah may it sees it's 2nd anniversary, 3rd or more.

Am signing off for now, the back's killing me, uhuk3..


  1. Wow, Happy Anniversary !
    I am wondering whether people heal faster when they have their loved ones beside them or otherwise. Anyway have a speedy recovery.

  2. Alhamdullilah... its always nice to read your writing Aliya. Also happy to know you are done with the op! Get well soon, hang in there my friend! :-)

  3. Thanks sani,
    Well, I guess it's easier to manja-manja and help us heal faster when we have our loved ones with us but only if they don't cause emotional pains through their thoughtless words or actions. On the positive side, when we're alone, we depend more on Allah swt. And He is All Knowing

  4. Aieen, I'm so glad to have survived the surgery with my uterus intact, hehehe. I'm dreaming of eggs, crabs, prawns..terrible, terrible. Luckily I can't drive so can safely keep on dreaming :P