Sunday, April 20


"I asked her why she left me, and she looked at me sadly.
"She said 'For all the months that we've been together, you've never once said 'thank you' to me. You've never shown a hint of appreciation for all the things I've done for us. You can buy all the expensive things for yourself and show them off to me, but you never bothered to give me even a single stalk of flower'. I just wanted to be loved, cared for and appreciated. I didn't feel it from you.' "
"And she walked away."

And the man at the rostrum paused, trying to blink back his tears.
The hall fell silent.
I could feel a lump in my throat.
He had gone to the stage to give a speech about 'Love'.
It was the story of his first love and how the girl he fell in love with had left him.
Why did he want to share such a sad story with us?

The man at the rostrum did what most of us do when we fell in love. When in love, we think about the one we love all the time. Yet, as time passes by, the warm hot feeling may become lukewarm and alas, to some it may even become cold. We may start taking him or her for granted. We say the famous longed-to-hear three-word-sentence "I Love You" and then think that all is well. Then we may even stop saying the "I-L-U' magical words to him or her.
"He or she should know that I love her!" We reason.

The man at the rostrum did that. He truly believed that he loved with the girl but the girl didn't believe so. Truly a woman's soft heart asks for tenderness, care, appreciation and protection from the man she loves. Do you know that the phrase "Thank you" means a lot to all men and women? Tell me which wife and mother won't feel happy when she's thanked by her husband and children after a tiring day of cooking, washing and cleaning of the house to make it a home? An inexpensive flower plucked outside the house and clipped to her ear will be long-remembered after the flower has withered. And a sincere apology of "I am sorry" instead of silence due to one's ego will heal most wounds. A warm hug given freely without asking, to one's spouse or parent is more rejuvenating than a cup of ginseng or a cup of chicken essence.

Well, the man at the rostrum has learnt his lesson.
He's never repeated the same mistake.
His first girlfriend may have left him long ago but she has given him an important lesson which he had been courageous enough to share with the audience that night.

So, don't just say "I Love You" but learn to also say "Thank you" often. And don't hesitate to say "I am sorry" when the need arises.
Love is a feeling. Love is action. Love is appreciating and forgiving.
We all need that; all men and women.
Thank you for sharing your story with us, Mr.Ulaganathan.

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