Friday, April 18


"Huh? Really?"
I received an email stating that the late gambling tycoon, Tan Sri G.T.Lim had been declared a Muslim by the court and that his only Muslim convert son is eligible to inherit his gambling empire?
Something just doesn't sound right.
In this age of internet hoaxes and downright trickery and lies, it's better to find out more before you totally believe in something.
I did an online search and my hunch turned out to be true.

The whole news story was a satire. In other words, it wasn't true. The late tycoon was never a Muslim. It was written in response to the corpse-ownership disputes that lately had occurred between the deceased's family and the Islamic religious department that claim the dead person had converted to Islam and needed to be buried as a Muslim. As the non-Muslim family protested, the corpse was buried in a Muslim graveyard.

Now I'm not going to go into corpse-snatching issue. That can wait another time.
What I am more concerned about now is how easily people tend to believe in rumours.
Certainly the person who sent me the e-mail must have believed in the story to take the trouble of forwarding it to me.
I do wonder how many people have been tricked into believing this satire - people who believe everything their friends send, people who have no access to the internet, and people who are too lazy to verify for truth and clarity?
Please check that the news you receive via the internet is actually true before you inform other people about it.
Don't be tricked. Don't be fooled. Don't get all hot and stuffy underneath the collar over an issue that does not actually happen.

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