Tuesday, April 22


I couldn't write yesterday. I couldn't do much of anything.
The reason?
The news about posting to schools is out. From 4pm yesterday, I'd been receiving SMS informing me about the news. I tried calling up the Education Ministry but was unsuccessful. By 7pm I was a nervous wreck.

Posting is eagerly awaited by all teachers. We had applied for the places and schools that we think are suitable for us, but at the end of the day, those at the Ministry and State Education departments decide.
" I got the state of Kedah," said a friend.
"I got Selangor, my second choice," another informed me.

I am praying hard. I had applied to teach in the mainland of the Penang, as I've gotten tired of travelling daily to and fro over the Penang bridge. InsyaAllah if it's near my house, I'll be able to spend more time with students rather than being stuck in a traffic jam on top of the bridge (happens once a week, sometimes more).

With Mum presently alone at home since Brother has moved out to stay on his own at a place near his office, I have to be on standby just in case Mum needs help. My little Viva (car) is ever ready to give its service. The place I'm staying now is quite strategic as it is near Brother's house, twenty minutes from Husband's office, and just half an hour from Mum's house. However, there'll be a lot of adjustments to do if I am posted to a place far from my present area. I am hoping for the best.

"Here's the list. You may check if your name is there."
The friendly lady clerk passed to me the list of new teachers in the state.
I was at the Penang Education Department this morning. I scanned the first page. None. Second page. None. Third page. Alhamdulillah.
My name is there with my particulars.
"We've just received the list yesterday, so I can't tell you the name of your school yet. But you can write your name, address and contact number here, so that I can tell the officer-in-charge that you've met us personally."
I could have hugged her.
After having to deal with rude clerks and beauracratic officers in other states, it's so good and heart-warming to be treated courteously.

I didn't ask for any specific school. I'll leave it to Allah Almighty for the final decision, as to the best place for me to serve, the best environment for myself, my family, my faith, and my future.

Allah subhanallah wa'taala has lead me so far. Since the day I've applied for the course, He has charted the course my life very well. I've been able to embraced Islam, learn to live a Muslim life, marry a good Muslim, and in everything it's been a good journey.
I won't worry anymore.
He knows what is best for me.
I'll tawakkal. I'll pray.
I know that out there somewhere in Penang there is a school that needs me, students who need me, colleagues who will welcome me, and awaiting the positive changes that I might bring with me when I arrive there, insyaAllah.


  1. im applying for MARA. *^^* i dont really wanna teach in kementerian schools..

  2. I'm under contract with the government, dear.. no choice. Would love to teach in other institutions. One day, insyaAllah :)

  3. admire your spirit :-)

    used to aspire to be a teacher dulu2 but tak kesampaian huhuhu....

  4. sorry...i meant to comment using a different profile name. SHould be this one. Yang atas tu profile je, no blog link whatsoever. I have too many IDs on the net... *sigh*

    by the way, i hope you don't mind me listing you on my blogroll. senang for me to visit again :-)

  5. salam, dear sis,
    u owe me a ride ;p
    tak sabar nak jadi cikgu semula ya.InsyaAllah...may Allah sooth ur path.ameen

  6. salam NiN,
    Thanks for visiting this blog. sure you are welcome to link to this site. I see that you are a convent girl.. that makes 2 of us. Mine's in Sg Petani(78-88). I've found 6 of my old mates :)

  7. w'salam syaima dear,
    kadang2 spt tak nak balik mengajar lagi, hehehee.. lebih seronok jadi student yg aktif drp cikgu yg aktif! Klau sudi nak jadi co-driver saya ke Penang island hari-hari, silakan ;D