Sunday, April 13


The Malays have a saying 'Malang tak berbau' ( You cant detect misfortunate)
It's the second time I landed myself in a drain.
The first time was quite an experience. I had actually kept myself floated in a deep monsoon drain in the middle of a downpour as I had fallen into it unsuspectingly. Helped myself up again. My shocked and amused roommate opened the door to a drenched tudung-clad woman, shopping-bags in both hands who was laughing hysterically. Thankfully there was no injury.

However the second fall yesterday was not funny at all.
I lost my footing and my right foot landed in a small drain.
I was alone. I screamed for help.
The ankle was swollen, the other leg bruised and I couldn't walk like normal.
Really bad timing.
With ongoing exams and important things to do this week, I can't afford to be hopping about with a painfully-sore swollen ankle. But a swollen ankle it is.
Will have to pray in a sitting position again, which I don't enjoy doing. Difficult to concentrate or be khusyuk doing solat on a chair.
Another test from Allah swt.
Alhamdulillah that it's only a swollen and painful ankle that I have to deal with. Not a broken one.
Sabar, sabar, sabar.
Patience is most needed, I keep telling myself.
Whatever the outcome or how tough it's going to be, life has to go on.
May He give me the strength and patience during this tough time.

"No kind of calamity can occur, except by the leave of Allah.. "(64:11)


  1. Assalamualaikum wbt...
    Semoga bertambah segar imannya.
    Salam ziarah.lama x jumpa, rindu plak.ehe. Moga ditabahkan hati menghadapi ujian dari Allah.
    Nanti nak singgah rumah masa cuti.bleh ke? =)

  2. Waalaikumussalam wbt,
    Rindu? Mu mana pergi, hehehee... Kak mula praktikum 28april-20 Jun, insyaAllah. Nak ziarah tentu aje boleh, inform la awal-awal. Boleh jamu makan, paling kurang pun "tong-sui"(Manisan Cina):D

  3. salaam....

    saye inspired dgn blog saudari...
    macam mana ceritanya saudari minat dengan islam dan sejurusnya memeluk islam... kalau boleh postkanlah cerita kisah hidup saudari sebelum memeluk islam...


  4. waalaikumussalam,
    Ceritanya sudah ada secara ringkas... cubalah baca di