Monday, April 21


10pm yesterday.

It flew in through the open window.
"Oh no!"
I didn't want another colony of bees or wasps entering my little apartment and causing a ruckus.
My instant reaction was to grab the bunch of roll-up newspaper.
It flew around the living room.
"I'll wait until it lands on a surface," I said to myself.
It landed on the soft white cloth covering my Koran.
I decided to let it stay.
"Well, you stay there quietly and don't disturb me," I told the bee.
It moved its tiny legs in response.
When I checked the Koran this morning, it was still there. Immobile.
I shook the cloth gently to check if it's still alive.
"Why are you still here? What are you trying to do?"
The bee moved its legs slowly as if to answer.
Was it hurt?
I walked away from the Koran.
Suddenly it flew from the top of the Koran and straight out of the window!
I suppose the little bee is also telling its story to its own family on top of one of the trees near my apartment building.

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