Sunday, May 10


I won't be celebrating Mother's Day today, it's becoming too commercialised. So unlike most blogs which I've visited today, I won't be talking about my own mother, huhuhu.

I've decided to choose my own date and way of appreciating the woman who gave birth to me, 38 years ago. Anyway, who says that Mother's Day has to be celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in May? It's not an Islamic religious festival, so we're free to choose!
And I've decided...
1. To thank her on my own birthday, and celebrate her anniversary of earning the title of 'mother', for that's the real day she's actually become one.
2. To take her on a nice outing on her own birthday, insyaAllah.
3. To celebrate her love on many, many days when both are free to enjoy, and not feel pressured by all the hype and commercialism regarding this day.
4. To continuously pray that she's be given hidayah to be a Muslim, for it's different having a nonMuslim mother. Unlike Muslims's children, I can't pray for my mother's sins to be forgiven or that Allah swt would give her a place in syurga.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone :)


  1. assalamualaikum wbt...ah refreshing, i kind of agree with you. Have a lovely weekend too! May Allah bless you always.

  2. that is the picture of Mary and her son Jesus.

    What did you put this picture in your blog??

    FOR ESQ, the comment is from mufti of Perlis. Look at facts,
    To be a good Muslim, we must look back. Nearer to the Prophet saw and his companions, the better we are. The Prophet saw is the pecfect in every angle.
    While, for west, they can see the perfect, they still searching for it. Where the point of perfect.
    To be a good Muslim, look back and learn their methodology to be near to them ( The perfect Prophet SAW and almost perfect his sahabah r.hum)

  3. erm..does anyone even know how mary and her son look like? and what is wrong with putting their picture on a blog?

    ah yes, another kool post. sasuga kak aliya. yeap. we're free to choose our own day (s) to celebrate our mother. after all she has done for us, its just so true that she deserves more than just a day in year to be appreciated. =)

    i'm drawing a garden for my mum. will get it framed. *^^*

  4. Waalaikumussalam musafir, sasnii & Nani,
    Thanks for your comments. We should appreciate our mothers, and not wait for just a day in a year to show her our love. And I'm against the idea that just because the whole world is celebrating Mother's Day on May 10th, I should too, hahaha.
    Sasnii, when I put up the pic, it's with the intention of showing a mother's love for a child. Picture of a veiled woman carrying a baby. Nothing to do with religion. Besides, what makes you think it's mary and jesus? It could be just any woman in the Arab region from the time of Abraham to the time of our prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
    It's amazing really how people can judge something or somebody without even experiencing it or meeting the person face to face. I know that the Perlis new mufti has never attended ESQ before. From the way you write, you haven't either. If indeed the negative comments about ESQ come from the learned scholar, surely a responsible man like him would inform the ESQ trainers himself so that they would make some improvement, just like Ustaz Zahiruddin did, and not merelty condemn? True, we should emulate prophet Muhammad saw and the sahabat. Did I say that we shouldn't?
    Nani, good for you. Would love to see the drawing, hehehe. Jeez, I haven't been doing any drawing for a long time. I'm planning a special outing with my mum :)

  5. What's wrong with the picture. Mary (r.a.) and Jesus (pbuh) are MUSLIMS; submitted to Allah SWT. She wore veils just like us, muslims. Do Christians wear veils like most muslims? NO. So why must be "hot" about the picture? IT'S "OUR" picture.

    Even in Qur'an there is surah Mary, talking about her and her son, our prophet. NO Muslim IS A Muslim is he/she does not believe in Jesus. It's just that we cannot draw their face. OK. The doctrine or theology is different between Christians and Muslims because Jesus is regarded with different personality, and Mary (r.a.) also. Islam is a pure monotheism and the other religion is the opposite which is polytheism. Get it. SalamuAlaikum.

  6. Salam just want to share something. Mary (r.a.) must be a Jew right? So Jew are from nearby Palestine and history shows that they were dark skinned and not white/western like in the picture.

    We are not so sure about Jesus(pbuh) but the same thing applies. Jesus must be a Jew too since he is the son of Mary. So there is high possibility that he is dark skinned too (negro).

    The muftis must stop saying stupid things and start doing their work. They are PAID to give advice about Islam not only to the Kings and royalty but also to the people. I dont see them doing much as giving negative comments is concern. Most of the muftis are 'goyang kaki'?

    Where is the voice of Muftis in giving advice on the issues of the current revert issue, the deterioration of Islamic values among Muslims, the practice of Bidaah among Muslim, Mat Rempit, Bohsia, zakat money, new reverts problems, the political problem in Perak, the wife of our leaders who do not cover their head, our leaders who is involved with the beer and wine industry, the Muslims in pubs and discos, black metal, music, hollywood influence, etc.................

    As far as I am concern, I did not hear any advice and comments from them or much from Pejabat Agama Islam which should play a part in exposing the corrupted Muslims behavior and akhlak.

    I pray Allah S.W.T. will give me and all of us strength to practice Islam as Prophet Muhammad S.A.W shown us.