Wednesday, October 22


What would you do if you were in this situation?

I watched the show with great interest. I seldom watch TV, preferring reading a good book to being entertained by the idiot box. But the day's show was interesting. It was an episod of the Oprah Winfrey show.
They had candid shots of people in different situations.
I watched as a Muslim lady, played by an actress, was verbally abused by the cashier, also played by an actor. The customers in the shop, however, were real people. And when the Muslim lady entered the shop to buy some groceries, she was not served, but was told to leave the shop, leave the country and take her Jihad elsewhere. When she defended herself, declaring that she was an American, none of the customers stood up for her. In fact, some of the male customers sided with the cashier. In the 5-hour shot, only a few people defended the rights of the Muslim lady, and scolded the cashier. What would you do?

I watched as a black couple walked in the park. The man abused the woman, hitting and scolding her in public. No one came to her aid. For 5 long hours, most of the strollers at the park merely told them to "carry on their business elsewhere". Only a young white lady stood up for her, and risking her own safety, she told off the man and walked the lady home. What would you do?

I watched as a man, seemingly drunk, tried to drive off in his car. Some of the passersby tried to stop him from entering the car. A drunk woman who tried to drive away with her two young daughters was stopped by a group of concerned passersby. One actually grabbed her car keys so that she couldn't drive the car. What would you do?

Interestingly, most of those who responded appropriately in those scenarios were women. There were two Caucasian women who bravely stood up for the Muslim lady. It was a white woman who singlehandedly helped the black woman from further abuse. It was a woman who shared her own tragic story pertaining to drunk driving that stopped the drunk man from entering his car.
Are women more responsive to situations and have a greater sense of public responsibility?

What would you do if:
... you see a child stealing in a sundry shop?
... you see school children in their school uniforms loitering and smoking at the mall during school hours?
... you see and hear your neighbour being battered by her abusive husband?
... you see your best friend's husband about to enter a hotel room with another woman?
... you are offered, for a huge sum of money, the answers for an important examination which you'll be sitting for the next day?

Would you do the right thing, amar ma'ruf nahi mungkar?
Really , what would you do?


  1. solat boleh mencegah perbuatan keji dan mungkar, perkara biasa yang kita dengar. namun kita masih terlupa bahwa bukan sekadar solat 5 waktu akan tetapi solat aqimuddeen, menzahirkan adden....

    sampaikan walau sebaris ayat sahabatku...

  2. Kak Aliya,

    Saya pernah menegur sepasang remaja yang sedang bercengkerama di sebuah kafe kek di KB.
    Entah datang dari mana keberanian tu walaupun si lelakinya menjegilkan mata semacam ingin menelan saya.
    Alhamdulilah, berbekalkan sedikit ilmu agama, saya nasihatkan mereka.
    Kemudian saya nampak si-perempuannya menjauhkan diri dan keluar dari situ sendirian.

    Hati saya syukur, harapannya mereka insaf.

  3. Terima kasih Pendekar, kerana berkongsi maklumat. Inilah kali pertama saya dengar tentang solat aqimuddeen.

    Tahniah kakchik kerana berani menegur mereka. Keberanian itu akan timbul bila kita mendengar suara hati kita yang sentiasa Muslim, melawan hasutan perasaan takut yang dibawa oleh syaitan.Semoga Allah berkati usaha kita semua.