Thursday, October 16


It's stressful being a Malaysian driver.
It's stressful when you could only use a lane in the highway as you rush to work, as one lane on the highway is being repaired and another lane is closed to traffic. As a result, driving at 50km/h on a 110km/h highway due to the traffic jams is not a great way to start the day.
It's tough when you have to deal with selfish and inconsiderate people behind the wheel, just when you are either rushing to work in the morning or when you are in a hurry to reach home in the evening.

I've been good. Not a single bad word has escaped my mouth lately, despite being held back by rude and sometimes rather idiotic road users who didn't seem to know where they want to go. I really must congratulate myself for self-restrain, hehehee. People said, practice makes perfect. I really should learn to smile behind the steering wheel :P

You see, I have to remind myself that I'm a Muslim driver. Muslims should do this and that. Muslims shouldn't cut queues. Muslims shouldn't double park and cause others inconvenience. Instead we should be the most courteous of all road users, practising goodwill towards others.

Let me tell you one thing.
It ain't easy being a good, and patient law-abiding Muslim driver on Malaysian roads nowadays. And the traffic jams on the road are getting worse daily.
It's not easy being an angel behind the wheel during peak hours when other vehicles look as if they're performing the latest car chase stunt for the latest blockbuster movie. Before you know what's happening, a car would appear in front of yours and you'd have to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting it. Hit it and suddenly the signal lights would appear like magic, and then all blame will be on you for failing to see the signal and give way :P.

It's worse when you have to pass a nursery or a clinic located at the junction of a busy road. I still fume each time the car in front of mine makes a sudden stop (not often but it's infuriating each time that happens) right at the junction in front of the nursery or clinic, forcing other vehicles to come to a halt. Then a driver would slowly open the passenger door and wait for the child/sick person to get out of the car, lead him or her to the building and return to drive the car away. An average of 5 minutes. I mean, how selfish can people be? I've seen cars which were almost hit by oncoming vehicles as they decided to turn into the next corner by using the other lane instead of waiting for the culprit to move the car.
Therefore, while it's important to get a child or family member safely to their destination, do consider the rights of other road users. I used to give such 'idiots' a finger for performing such acts, but nowadays I'd just give him/her an earful by pressing on the car horn repeatedly until he/she removes the vehicle. And I'd press even harder when the culprit is a Muslim. I mean, why can't they just park the thing in a safer place away from the junction and walk a little further? Lazy or selfish?

I just don't understand. Everyday we talk about living life well, based on His teachings. Yet when most of us get behind the wheel, we forget to practise most of our common virtues. Consideration for others. Respect and obey the traffic rules. Being polite on the road, by giving appropriate signals before turning into the lane or overtaking other vehicles. Offering to help others in trouble instead of abusing the handphone to take the latest video shooting of the accident victims (I've received several such scenes of accident scenes sent via emails - How would you feel if pictures of your family member who's injured/killed are being taken and broadcasted to the public without the victim's permission)

It's a jungle out there, on the tarred roads but that doesn't mean that we have to become uncivilized people behind the wheel. Remember that we are being watched and our actions are being recorded, to be replayed on Judgement Day.


  1. salam, sis aliya..i've been following ur posts..great job. wonder that book - the 5 people you meet in heaven - how interesting it is? pls share. tq

  2. Waalaikumussalam ummu umar,
    Thanks for visiting this blog. The book- 5 people you meet in heaven? Well, it's very creatively written, and nothing to do with any religion. Don't want to spoil the fun by revealing too much. The story, about love, teaches us that each of our actions in our lives affects others in many ways.

  3. salam kak aliya,
    the way you put does seem so hard to not mess up on the road. ai. i havent been driving for a while, and im thinking of getting myself a fully-auto car just so i wont have to switch stuff when i'm driving. as far as i can remember, i was never shown bad driving habits by my i kinda think i'm used to watching them being patient, and i kinda believe i could do the same. *^^*

  4. Waalaikumussalam Nani,
    Alhamdulillah for having such good role models :) I'm so glad for my 'hot nyonya' which has made life easier for me and hubby. And I've seen how KL motorists started to panic when they drive in Penang & Sg.Petani during peak hours, due to the extra stress caused by other drivers, tee he he