Sunday, September 28


What's a festival without songs.
I love this song, because it'd bring back memories of my schooldays. I'd usually listen to this while waiting for the bus which would take me to my Muslim friends' homes for Aidilfitri open houses. Oh how I miss those days, and my former schoolmates.

Here's another favourite that captures the essence of Aidilfitri in Muslim Malay community. (I'd likE to believe that the dancing couple are siblings, hehehe)

To those on their way home, here's one for you.. be careful on the road and watch out for the speed traps, huhuhuu

Those who are far from home, know that your families are also thinking of you and praying for you.

And I dedicate this song to the special man in my life...and to all married couples (The singers were a married couple).

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