Monday, March 30



There've been suggestions that we have an online group collaboration among Muslims reverts (especially those with less than 5 years' experience). After much thought, I'd like to invite anyone who are Muslim reverts to join me in this group. It's not a formal association but I'd like to call as a Muslim Reverts Club? In particularly, those living in Malaysia.

We need to know where to get assistance if we're facing any serious problems after our reversion to Islam. We also need strong moral support which we might not (I say might not, not necessary true, ok?) get from other Muslim brothers and sisters around us, where we live. In other words, we need a good and strong network, especially in Malaysia.
I know that some readers are currently thinking of reverting to Islam, while some who are already Muslims have yet to register with any Muslim NGOs for various reasons. By having this online collaboration, perhaps we would be able to assist and support each other better, insyaAllah.
There're also some Muslims who have contacted me and offering to assist anyone who want to learn more about Islam, free of charge. I believe we could cordinate better if we join together as a group.

Please e-mail me (by clicking on my profile) with your name, age, e-mail address, date of reversion, current address and location, handphone number and current occupation. If possible, your latest photo (to avoid fraud). Don't worry, your personal particulars will not be given to anyone without your written permission. Other Muslims who have friends who are Muslim reverts or friends who are also interested in Islam may also e-mail me.

I do not want this group to be like other online group whereby simply anyone (anonymous or whoever) can be members. Nope, this will be exclusively for Muslim reverts, with their spouses as 'special' members. However, we will link with other Muslim NGOs, insyaAllah.

p/s: Any gentlemen interested in finding 'jodoh with mualaf', please be patient and please avoid "bombarding" my mail box with your requests, hehehe. However, if there're any personal request from our brother or sister for 'jodoh', then I'd inform you, k.

(note: Yes, alhamdulillah, there are some members already. )

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