Monday, February 23


A surprise call. I listened in silence as the person at other end talked in Hokkien.
Problems in communicating (not all would-be Muslims are good in Malay language) had caused the Muslim Malays on the island to contact me, who's on the other side of the Penang bridge.
Oh gosh! With a thumping heart, I looked at my schedule. I could only leave the office at 3pm, so I arranged a meeting at 4pm.
A stranger. A woman. Someone I've never met but insyaAllah she'll be a new member of our Muslim family soon.
Only Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala knows what will happen tomorrow. I'm nervous. I'm going to do something I've never dreamt I'd do before, which is convincing someone to be a Muslim. Explaining Islam in my mother language (and I fear I'm not 100% fluent!). Perhaps even witness her reciting the syahadah, wallahu'alam.
Oh, please pray for us, me and that sister. Your prayers (may He bless you!) will help to diminish her uncertainties and smoothen her path into Islam, insyaAllah.
It's His will that this will take place. I'm still nervous (and a bit worried) because I might have to do the talking on my own (don't know any other Chinese Muslim in this mainland) but I'll do my best to dakwah her. Guess it's time I put to practice what I learnt in Seminar Dakwah two years ago, huhuhu.
This is a heavy amanah. I put my trust in Allah swt.


  1. Insyallah kak can do it. My prayers will be with you... :)

  2. Remember this sister:

    Sabda Nabi SAW:

    “Andaikata Allah s.w.t memberikan hidayat kepada seorang dari hasil usahamu, adalah lebih baik bagimu dari dunia dan seisinya.”

    Hidayah di tangan alRahman. Banyakkan solat hajat sebelum appointment itu nanti.

  3. may allah make it easy for you

  4. Salam!!
    InsyaALlah dipermudahkanNya untuk Aliya.

  5. Assalamualaikum

    hai ngo, Aliya fu yan. its been a while since my last visit. well, i'm try to visit your blog but internet connection problem. can't get online. the connection freeze, everything stand still. can't even load simple google page. hate TM@NUT. very bad service.

    may Allah ease your way. may Allah granted His Hidayah to that lady. HadahalLAh wa HadakilLah. sorry can't write in arabic. InsyaAllah you very capable in dealing with that situation.

    looking at you and others like Adawiyah etc makes something knock my head. its the sign of the I'jaz (Mukjizat) of Al Quran. Allah says when one tribe begin to abandoned Islam, Allah will arise other people from other tribe to bear Islam. its happened in front of our very own eyes.

    something for you to see. check this out. its may help you.

    she looks overwhelmed don't you? this for Daie like you


  6. Assalamualaikum

    seems that you have created as separated section for Mualaf. its really good thing. Alhamdulillah, really happy to see our brothers and sisters have grow from strengh to strengh.


  7. Assalamualaikum Kak Aliya.

    Semoga Allah sentiasa bersama akak dan bakal Muslimah tersebut. KakChik doakan Kak Aliya dapat melakukan yang terbaik dalam dakwah Kak Aliya.

    Semoga dipermudahkan Allah & selamat berjaya kak.

  8. Alhamdullilah,

    The your best sister, dont worry. Its not in our hand wether that person reverts or not. What more important is to do the da'wah the best possible way can. Hidayah only comes from Allah S.W.T.

    I pray for the sisters.

  9. brave lar lu Kak Alyea

    Bila nak pergi ESQ165 Training....??