Monday, February 2



Brother Abdul Wahab of MBA found a blog that is mocking Prophet Muhammad PBUH and Allah SWT when he was surfing around the net. The blog owner even put syurga-islam as its url and title. The url of the blog is :

Please 'flag' the blog and click on the hate category (I've done my part). This will be checked by Google and removed soon, Insya Allah, as its content has violated the rules of blogging under Google blogspot. The blogger (like all cowards, refuses to put his/her real name) even has the cheek to call himself/herself by the Prophet's name.

Do your part. Flag it and report it as a hated blog. All it takes is just 2 clicks and less than a minute.
Let's kick it out so that the blogsphere will not be tainted by the likes of such dirts.

[LATEST NEWS: At 5.45pm on 3rd Feb, I checked that blog again and there's this notice: This blog is open to invited readers only.
Alhamdulillah for that. Congratulations and thanks to those who have flagged it. That blog's misleading content will no longer be assessible to simply anyone in the internet. Only fools who have nothing better to do will bother to sign in with their e-mail address in order to read that blog's posts. Good riddance!]


  1. Assalamualaikum

    hai ngo, kak Aliya. it's me azlan. i think you already know because you can read arabic script.

    upon reading his/her profile something caught my eyes. he mockingly used the Rasul S.A.W.'s name. i instantly remember what one of my 'tok guru' said.

    he told whosoever claim himself as Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. will bear such huge and unbearable consequences. not only he, but all his family, progeny will bear the same consequences here and hearafter. Allah will wipe out he and all his family for this sin. if he or she added the S.A.W. the punishment will come even faster and severe.

    you can ask my 'tok guru'if you don't believe this. his name Tuan Guru Mohammad Baqi Osman. even iblis unable to impersonate our Rasul S.A.W.

    this guy, no matter who he is, is already doom. people commit mistakes, but some mistake is not forgiven.


  2. Waalaikumussalam azlan ahmad & humyrah,
    Yes,but not very fluent in my reading. Still searching for a good ustazah.
    Well, I hope he/she repents.We should always be alert about such sites so that we can prevent it from continuing to spread lies about Islam, insyaAllah.

  3. eventhough people cannot go in his/her blog, but the blog is still there. We still need to do something.