Monday, February 9



Alhamdulilllah syukur to Allah swt because through this year-old blog I realise that I'm not alone in my journey as a Muslim revert. I'm able to get to know many brothers and sisters who have gone through (and some who are planning the same route) the almost same experiences of leaving the past religion/lifestyle and embracing the true way of life, as Muslims.

There are some with their own blogs and stories to tell such as Sakinah, Adawiyah, NuFaS, Rayhana, and Muslim Bidayuh. There are some who drop in occasionally like Drenalin and ahong. There are others who grew up as multi-racial Muslims in Malaysian soils and experience a more colourful life than born-Muslim Malays, like Azlan. There are many others who prefer to remain anonymous and are planning to officially recite the 2-kalimah syahadah and are in contact with me through e-mails. I pray that Allah All-Knowing and All-Mighty will bless, protect and guide each and everyone who believe in Him.

May I know anyone else I've forgotten to mention and if there're others who are remaining as silent readers of this blog, who are also Muslim reverts?


  1. *raises hand*

    ah so you have other reverts on the blog list :)

  2. alhamdulillah.. yes, drenalin, they're here. And I'm counting you in too :)

  3. Me2!

    I drop by from time to time.