Saturday, February 7


"Crazy driver!"
I swerved just in time to avoid a speeding bus from crashing into my car. There've been several near misses this week and I'm very grateful to Him who protects me and my vehicle from harm.
I could have continued driving in the middle lane but at what risk?
My car has everything it needs to move on the road but it is I who starts the engine, give it its power and steer it on the road. I choose where the car will move and how fast it will go. I choose to drive it anyway I want.

No man is an oyster. We need people around us but to live in a community happily we have to constantly make choices. It's difficult to make choices because when we make a choice we have to bear the consequences. We have to be responsible for the choices we make.
Anyway, whatever it is we feel about something or some event, we have to bear in mind that everything that happens,happens for a reason. Allah swt gives us the freedom to choose. To choose how we want to live. To choose to worship Him. The more we choose to be closer to Him, the better our life will be, insyaAllah.
We are given freedom of choice but that choice comes with responsibility. But sometimes we choose wrongly, do not want to be responsible for the actions and trouble starts. Think of our past actions first before we start to blame others for our problems. Sometimes our problem is the way to help us rectify our past mistakes and sins, so that we can be back on track and closer to Him. Therefore do our best, be sincere in our actions and trust Him to see things through. everything happens with the power of Allah. Yet remember to choose wisely.

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