Tuesday, April 27


I'm on medical leave again, sigh. My boss and colleagues will not be happy.

The friendly lady doctor at the government clinic warned that due to some common infections affecting about 20% of pregnant women, I might go into preterm labor before the due date. Argghhh, horrors! Alhamdulillah, the cervix is still closed [ouch, the checkup was not very pleasant] and the baby still happily kickboxing. I begged not to be warded and promised to be good at home [meaning be lazier, LOL] mainly because I hate being poked with needles. The tube, used for emergency drips inserted at the back of the left hand of every warded patient, is very uncomfortable and at times painful. Besides, baby is still premature.

There are so many things to be done before the Big Day, half of them at school. Forms and forms to be filled up, test papers to be prepared, books to be marked.. the usual stuff. I just hope that I'd have enough time to settle everything propely before I enter the hospital for the baby's arrival.

This Friday, insyaAllah, will be ceramah day. I was invited to give a short talk at the surau. In the beginning I was unsure due to the current unstable pregnancy state but as husband said,"There's no holiday in dakwah work!", so I've decided to be bold and accept the challenge. If I should suddenly go into labour during the talk, there'd be more than enough people to take the role as a midwife and drive me to the hospital, hahahaaa.. I haven't decided what to talk about in the 1-hour talk [between maghrib and isyak] but it'd be something close to my heart- the challenges of the new reverts, especially Muslimah. Will have to ask the 'Big Boss' for guidance :)

So friends, if you notice that I've stopped answering comments or posting articles in the blog for more than 3 days, then it'd probably mean that the baby has arrived. Although I'm hoping and praying hard [and telling baby that's it's better being inside his ummi than venturing out now] that I'd deliver the baby in the 38th week of pregnancy, you'd never know what Allah swt has planned. Got to tawakkal.

Till next time, have a lovely day. I'm going for my bed rest now, hehehe..


  1. insyaallah, semoga dipermudahi ya kak.
    n ya, nnti dah ada baby snap2 lah ye. mesti comel. :)

  2. Assalam Alaikum,

    Don't worry about your boss and colleagues for they will expect such things from preggie woman... hee~

    And about test papers and stuff, someone will do it if you really can't... Seriously, my friends and I always 'complain' about the inefficiency of some sch mgmt... They know that the pregnant going is going to deliver near impt dates, still the mgmt is giving her a lot of stuff to do... Hai! Just doesn't make sense!

    hee~ Just a little complaining here... =D

    Anyway, take care of yourself and baby!

    p/s: Don't have to reply, it's just 2 cheer u up! =)

    May you be blessed with an easy delivery!

    Khadijah C.

  3. Insya-Allah... everything will turn out alright for you, baby & hubby. Rooting out for you with all the best doas...

  4. Salam Sister Aliya

    Insya Allah...your little one will arrive safely. Please take care tau. Sama kita tunggu kehadiran baby masing2 yer?:) Will keep you posted.

  5. Thanks for sharing this most important information..... . I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Quran

  6. masyaAllah.. take a big rest kak.. insyaAllah u and the baby will be fine. ive undergone the same situation and i know how it feels. u will be okay.

  7. Waalaikumussalam adrenalin, khadijah C, Huda Ahsin,
    Thanks for your concern. Alhamdulillah I'm doing well, despite the swollen feet,which everyone seems to comment on, hehe.
    Photos? InsyaAllah.. can't wait to see and hold the baby too.

  8. Humyrah & Rintusir cuttack,
    Thanks. Interestingly, I'm so used to the current situation [swollen feet, checkup at clinics and hospitals, the long wait to see the doctor etc] that it doesn't bother me anymore. Even manage[still!] to climb to the 4th floor classroom for my lessons on schooldays, hehehe. Alhamdulillah for His many blessings.

  9. Salam sis Aliya,

    May Allah the all Knower make it easy for you & your baby during labour, may Allah the all-Merciful reward you for being patient facing all the hardship you have gone through pregnancy, amin. Please take care and rest well sis! ^_^

  10. Waalaikumussalam nuttynut,
    Ameen. thanks.
    I've no complaints so far, although people who look at me often comment about my big tummy and swollen feet, hehehe.
    InsyaAllah, I do pray for a safe and smooth delivery as well as good health for me and the baby.

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  12. Salam Shakir Md Taha,
    Thanks. Please check out the other Muslim reverts blogs too :)