Sunday, April 18


One of the things that I didn't tell my mother until today, is my involvement in dakwah Islamiyah. Blogging. Giving ceramah and sharing my experiences. Answering emails from those interested and those against Islam.
As Mom has always been rather negative towards my insistence on wearing the hijab, I've taken special care not to say much about my 'other work'.
She might not like it. She might nag.
It's one thing having a prodigal daughter who reverted to Islam. It's another thing having that daughter doing dakwah and explaining about Islam so as to invite others to join her.
Well, I kept it from her until recently. She found out during the Chinese New Year reunion dinner.

While waiting for the food to be served at the Radix Oriental Cuisine restaurant, I passed around some photo albums of the pictures husband and I had taken in 2009 for my parents-in-law, brother and Mom to see. Photographs of our holidays in Medan, my students, my house, and my ceramah at USM and UiTM Segamat.
"What's this?"Mom asked as she stared at the photo of me giving a ceramah at USM.
Oooppps, I had forgotten to keep that album from her.
"That's me, giving a ceramah at USM," I answered, watching her face carefully.
"Hmmmm.." she grunted and flipped to see more pictures of me at the ceramah. Anyone who saw the photos would know that I was presenting an Islamic ceramah due to the slides at the background. And Mom is not illiterate. She can read and write in Mandarin, English and Malay [now, with the aid of a magnifying glass].

Fortunately, both mom-in-law and father-in-law were with us. They're my life-savers, as Mom has been brought up to honour 'one's face'. She will never create a scene in public, not in front of my in-laws anyway.
And I'm still waiting for her to bring up that subject of me giving ceramah about Islam in public, but she hasn't done so.
Hopefully, she's accepted the fact that I'll never turn my back on Islam.
Mothers... you'd want so much to be in their good books but sometimes what you'd get is their disapproving looks.


  1. my beloved late grandma was once a buddist...i did not know her stories but one thing for sure Allah has finally opened up her heart for Islam. we cannot force but keep showing the 'beauty' of Islam throu our actions. pray and keep praying may Allah open up their hearts like you... Allah the Almighty

  2. I came by your blog by "accident" and just want to say thank you for sharing. I myself is a chinese revert and appreciate what you are going through :.

  3. I believe that your mum will appreciate your undertakings in due time. Insha'Allah. :)

  4. Salam tenang_aku, Liyana, Hajar,
    Thanks for the encouragement and kind words.InsyaAllah, I certainly hope so. As she's a non Muslim, I can't pray for her like other Muslim children pray for their parents. All I can do is hoping that Allah will give her hidayah to be a Muslim.

  5. berdoalah agar mereka diberikan hidayah... petunjuk itu hanyalah dari Allah.... janganlah bersedih namun berusahalah dengan penuh hikmah dari seorang anak yang solehah... insyaallah

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