Monday, November 23


Eclampsia. Kegel exercises. Nausea. Glucose test.
Ahh, today is certainly not my favourite day.
The coughing still persists. There's still no relief from nausea, despite going into 11 weeks of pregnancy. I'm doing my best to relax and think positively, although staring at the toilet bowl still isn't my favourite activity of the day.
And it was supposed to be a routine checkup at the clinic.
"Your BP is high la, kak.." said the nurse with a frown.
"How much?" I asked gingerly.
She mentioned a number. My heart skipped a beat. Not good news.
With both my parents now confirmed as patients with high BP, this isn't good news at all. I've avoided as much salt as possible although I admitted, french fries, crisps and fried chicken seem tasty after being unable to eat rice and porridge after 1p.m.
The nurse did another reading. Still higher than normal.
Therefore I was forced to see the doctor.
Fortunately the doctor's reading was lower. Still I was ordered to undergo another 2 weeks of BP reading. If the reading remains high, it'd be dangerous for me and the baby. Might risk losing it or spend days at the hospital. Ouch!
What a test. To say that I'm not worried would be a lie especially as I'm alone at home now. Husband is outstation. However as usual, I trust Allah swt to keep me and the child safe from harm, while I do my best to remain healthy.
Sorry if I'm slow at replying your comments and update the blog. Need to focus and psyche my body to cure itself.
So far it's been.. well, a memorable pregnancy.


  1. Salam buat adik Aliya. Ini abang RAFAS la (MOHAMAD AZALUDIN)

    Tahniah. Abang doakan semoga adik Aliya bakal dianugerah anak yang soleh. InsyaAllah.

    Tak lupa mengucapkan selamat menyambut hari raya Aidiladha serta maaf zahir batin.

  2. insyaAllah, everything will be well, all the best and take good care of yourself ;)

  3. Waalaikumussalam abang RAFAS,
    Terima kasih. Ameen. Lama tak dengar berita, semoga abang sekeluarga se=ihat walafiat dan diberkatiNya.

  4. Waalaikumussalam knitfreak-to-be,
    Thanks, insyaAllah.