Thursday, July 15


It's been a tough week, which leads to incidences which I choose not to share here. Only husband and I know.
Alhamdulillah the good news is, Ikram is doing well, and it's a pleasure watching him smile and laugh. He's already 7 weeks old, and some of his clothes are getting tighter [sigh! have to go shopping and brace myself to take him for vaccination again]
Great patience and resilience are most needed during this period. I'm keeping cool, and as always, am relying on the only reliable source - Allah SWT.
I'm too tired to write much for now but just to share something:


If we can learn to depend on Allah with due reliance, He will certainly give us provisions as He gives to the birds who leave their nests in the mornings and return with full bellies at dusk.

But what do we need in order to achieve this? We must have firm belief that only Allah can help and benefit us.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, "Whoever wishes to be strong should rely on Allah."

Allah the Almighty says: [Victory will be yours; but on Allah put your trust if you have faith.] (Al Maidah, 5:23 )

These words give us strength to face hardships and difficult people. But at the same time as depending on Allah, we must exert effort and use all the material resources provided by Allah. If we do so we will be obeying His orders. When we sincerely depend on Allah we feel tranquility in our hearts because we know that Allah is on our side. We should try to detach ourselves from always seeking material things and keep in mind that no harm or benefit comes to us without the permission of Allah.

Umar ibn Al-Khattab (peace be upon him) told us about the birds and how they wake up in the early morning, glorify Allah and go in search of food, (they exert effort) trust in Allah and find sustenance. You may think it strange that birds glorify Allah but the Almighty says in the Qur'an: [The seven heavens and the earth, and all beings therein, declare His glory: There is not a thing but celebrates His praise; and yet you understand not how they declare His glory! Verily, He is the Oft-Forgiving, Most Forgiving.] (Al-Isra', 17: 44 )

Even the prophets worked and so did the Companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), but they all trusted in Allah in every aspect of life.

When Ibrahim (peace be upon him) was being thrown into the fire, the angel Jibreel (peace be upon him) asked him, 'Do you need anything?'

But Ibrahim answered, 'Nothing from you. Allah knows my condition (status)."

Another time, Ibrahim (peace be upon him) took his wife Hajar and his son Isma'il to a place near Makkah.

Allah the Almighty ordered Ibrahim to leave them in the desert, and when Hajar saw him leaving her she wanted to know if it was an order from Allah. Ibrahim answered, 'Yes'. So she put her trust in Allah and was sure that He would take care of them. Indeed, all help and power are from Allah. Trust in Him! His promise is true.


  1. good luck kak aliya! don't give up! caiyok!! :)
    jgn risau..Allah xkan menguji hambanya yg xmampu..
    Smile always ^_^

  2. chirpy_chummy,
    I don't give up, dear.. insyaAllah, never! Just taking a short break and gather my inner resources :)