Tuesday, July 6


My heart skipped a beat when I came across her latest blog post today.
Ya Allah! Please keep her safe and strong in faith.
Her sudden decision to wear the hijab on the first week of orientation week in university, despite knowing that by putting it on might reveal her long-kept-secret that she's now a Muslimah, to her staunch Christian family, will put her in danger. She might face more trouble than she could ever imagine.
Only those who have gone through the same path of choosing to wear the hijab and thus, declaring oneself as a Muslim revert, would understand its implication.

Ya Allah, You are the Beneficent, the Merciful.
Please help my sister, Farah overcome any trouble due to her brave decision to obey You, by donning the hijab.
I believe in the power of prayers.
Please spare some time to pray for her, and may Allah SWT ease her troubles and keep her safe from harm, ameen.


  1. Ameen ya rabbil alameen..

    Subhanallaah.. may Allaah keep her strong.

  2. Assalamualaikum azlan, Rayhana & all who commented in her blog,
    Thanks for your support and prayers. My sms to her was not replied [maybe she has changed her number] but it's a huge relief to read her latest entry. May Allah protect her and keep her strong, ameen.

  3. i chose to wear the hijab last year....my college friends were shocked to see me...they thought it was a prank or something....my christians friends were unhappy....but luckily,i had the support from my two muslim best friends....=)

  4. Salam Lady Indira,
    Alhamdulillah and congratulations.. It takes great courage to personally stand up and be counted as a hijab-wearing Muslimah today