Monday, July 12


Syukur alhamdulillah.
I almost forgot the significance of today's date. The ringing of my handphone reminded me, however.
Yes, I'm a year older :)
Today is the 4th anniversary of my reversion to Islam.

How am I feeling?
1st anniversary - I've gotten married to a Muslim
2nd anniversary - I've graduated and started teaching again
3rd anniversary - I've started giving public lectures on Islam & mualaf
4th anniversary - I'm a mother :D

My prayer for the 3rd year [having a child] has been answered, alhamdulillah.
It's been a tough year, with my pregnancy and giving birth to Ikram Mursyidi.
InsyaAllah, dakwah work will continue through writing and talks although I admit, taking care of Ikram is already a tough job.
However my little son is growing well, and my immediate neighbour and his babysitters have commented on how well-behaved he is.
As for me, time has matured me and I believe that I'm a stronger and more knowledgeable person than before.

Indeed, the road less travelled by is always more interesting.. the grass is greener, flowers more abundant, and the air also seems fresher :)
And yes, I aim to be as tall and strong as the pukullima tree which is the symbol of this blog, a good friend that provides shade to everyone who walks under it, and every creature that makes it its home.
I'm glad I've chosen this road, and am also happy that He has given me the opportunity to write as a blogger. It's been a great pleasure sharing my experience and my thoughts with you, the readers, who have also taught me so much about being a good Muslimah. All good things come from Him, alhamdulillah.

Only last week, my brother stumbled upon this blog, which I've kept secret from my Buddhist family members, when he tinkered with my laptop. He commented on the url ["what? pukullima..? no other name ahh? "] but didn't say anything else [he has his own blog too]. I don't know whether he has informed my mother about this, but I no longer worry about their finding out about my pastime.

I don't know what this 4th year will bring but I trust Allah SWT that it'd be another fruitful and interesting one for my family and I.
Striving to be a better Muslimah and wife, bringing up Ikram to be a good Muslim, working with teens in school and doing what I do best - blogging and sharing - will be my focus this 4th year, insyaAllah.
Other than that? Only Alllah SWT knows. He is after all, the best of planners.

note: laptop on strike, so won't be able to go online as frequently as before. Am writing at a cybercafe :)


  1. semuga cikgu dan keluarga diberkati dan dirahmati allah selalu dengan iman dan amalan soleh. dan terus diberi kekuatan berjuang utk agama, bangsa dan negara.
    - menunjuk jalan pada yg masih ragu2
    - memberi ingat pada yg selalu terlupa


  2. saorangorang,
    terima kasih, ameen..

  3. i thought you wanted to register and wrongly create pukullima lolz

    u know me, i talk never filter 1 lolz

    i dont know why, but i cannot put my photoblog address here.