Wednesday, January 7


It's only the 3rd day of school and already I can't wait for Friday, huhuhu.
The early morning rush for work begins as early as 5.30am. The mere thought of having to answer to the principal for being late forces me to be out of the house before 7am, so that I would reach the office by 7.25am.
Alhamdulillah, I'm still able to cope with my workload. Although I still suffer from an occasional pain on my wound when I drive or stretch too much, it hasn't slowed me down too much. I still walk faster than my students.
Teaching in a secondary school is tough, with the last lesson ending as late as 3.05pm on Wednesdays. And today I reached home at 6.30pm because the students have their self-defence training in the evening. As the club advisor, I have to be present each time they train. They enjoy kicking, and I enjoy watching them kick, hehehe.

I need more vitamin E. More energy to do more. More enthusiasm to want to do more.
And I pray for more vitamin M. More money to live a more comfortable life. I'm still waiting for graduate teacher's salary. More motivation for myself and my students.

Sorry if I haven't replied to all your comments. The heart is willing but the mind is tired. First week of school is very hectic, with meetings, and loads of paperwork to be completed as soon as possible. As I'm still new to the school, I have to learn new ways of doing things here so it's another new challenge.

Well anyway, I'm still grateful. After more than 15 years working, I still love this job. Each day is never the same when you deal with young people. Alhamdulillah.. alhamdulillah..alhamdulillah.


  1. Salams Puan.

    Nice to know there are more than a few teachers who go into teaching for the love of teaching, for the love of them kids. Me hat off to you, dear Teacher.

    Been two and a half decades since me last classroom encounter and fortunately, most of them memories and still intact. Apart from a few Cikgu whom I regularly contact, I wish I could shake hands with or hug all of them one last time before we meet our Maker. Maybe some already did. Sigh...

  2. Salam Kak Aliya.
    Moga akak akan terus dedikasi. Vit E & M tu kakchik doakan akan bertambah sb bila ada tambahan, sudah tentu kak aliya akan lebih bertenagan & bersemangat mendidik anak2 sekolah.

  3. Waalaikumussalam PakKaramu,insyaAllah..

    Waalaikumussalam tarings,
    I'm glad to be chosen for this job. I feel more energetic when I'm in class, teaching and sharing ideas with the leaders of tomorrow :)

  4. Princess, you too.. how's things going at your place?

    kakchik, terima kasih atas doa kakchik..ameen.