Friday, January 16


"They're waiting to die," somebody commented.
"Yeah, why don't they just leave Palestine? Why stay on when they know they will be killed by the Israelis?" his friend added.
"This has been going on for years and they're still staying there. What's so special about that place anyway?"
I overheard them talking in the shop.
Yes, why do the Palestinians remain in that war-torn country? They can leave if they want to, but they choose to remain, even when they know for a fact that they could be injured or killed at any moment.
Palestine is their land. It's their home. They will not be forced to leave.
Nobody had the right to force people who have lived for generations in a country to leave. The Palestinians have been under Israel's occupation and even as we breathe, people are being killed or injured there.

Then why do they stay on even if they know the risks to their lives and the lives of their loved ones? Isn't that foolish? Isn't that being suicidal?
Because theirs is the last stand against the invasion of the Israelis. They, the Palestinians, know it. They themselves are the human shields against the invasion of the Israelis soldiers. Like robbers, the Israelis came to live in the houses of the Palestinians which they did not build and to collect the harvest they did not cultivate. They try to force the Palestinians out of their own country, and when they can't force them by political will, they're trying to do so using weapons.

This is a fight akin to 'David against the Goliath'.The Palestinians are poor. They're not equipped with the best weapons and technology, unlike the Isreal army. They haven't have peace for 18 years. And they're fighting to survive. They're fighting for the right to live in their own land and their own homes. They're fighting to preserve the land they stand on as the land that belongs to a free Islamic nation. They're fighting for the preservation of the al-Aqsa mosque. Whether or not the world help and support them in their cause, they'll continue to fight on.

Yes, they'll fight on even if they're the last one standing. The Isrealis may take away the lives of the children and their mothers, but they can't take away the will of the Palestinians. The Palestinians and Hamas know that if they surrender to the Israelis, that'd be the end of Islamic influence in that sacred land. They will never regain their rights to live there if the Israelis take over the country. So they will continue to fight on, to live and to survive to the best of their ability. They're fighting for the rights to their homes and land, the right to remain in their motherland, and the rights to live.

They're not foolish people who are waiting to be killed by Israelis soldiers who are invading their country. They're the brave ones who have quietly accepted their fate. They trust God more than they trust their weapons and when they see their dead children and family members, they know deep in their hearts that their dead loved ones are in a better place now. They may kill some Palestinians witht their high-tech weapons and machinery but they can't kill the will of her people, whose legacy will continue to live in the hearts of the surviving ones and in the hearts of every brother and sister who love justice and peace.

May Allah swt bless the Palestinians.


  1. salam kak aliya,
    i feel weak everytime i come across the heartbreaking news of our bros and sisters in palestine. it aches so much. i do solat hajat a lot for them, everytime i do for myself and for my family, i'll do for them as well, and tho i know its so, so little, and i want to do more and bigger stuff, i couldnt find the way how (other than boycotting as much jew products as i could and performing solat hajat) it pains me most realizing the smallness of the prayers i could offer. sedih sgt. fkr saja pun dah menangis...

    and thanks for your comment up my blog. it was replied to and i envy you.

  2. Baru je pagi tadi bincang pasal F or F ni. Tup tup dah jadi tajuk posting Kak Aliya.

    What a coincidence.

  3. Why aould they say such things? What would they do if domeone invaded their personal space. Ofcourse they will try to regain back their personal space.

    If someone invaded Malaysia, would we be like the people in the shop or would we be like the Palestinians who are so willing to die for the sake of protecting and defending their country.

    Fight or flight? I choose to fight. But since I can't fight physically, I shall fight economically. We must weaken the Zionists' economy. That is the best we can do.

  4. Salam Nani,kakchik & Adawiyah,
    Nani, don't be so discouraged. InsyaAllah your efforts will be rewarded. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. Trust Allah swt.

    Kakchik,. yeah, what a coincidence. I wanted to write about it for some time already but kept postponing :P

    Yes, Adawiyah, I agree with you. It's our money anyway, and up o us how we want to spend it. Some say that this boycotting is 'hangat-hangat tahi ayam" but I will not buy anymore of those things if there're alternatives.Why should we continue to feed the hands who harms our family members?

  5. Those people loyalty to Malaysia should be doubted. If anything happens to Malaysia, they will just run away for their life. They should not get Malaysia Citizenship.

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  7. Assalamualaikum wbt.

    Kak Alya, plz delete this stupid and nonsense things posted by Siti Khadijah. Our scholars from Malaysia and other country had issued fatwa that this khurafat letter can lead us to kufur.

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  9. Waalaikumussalam,
    I'm sorry but I have to delete the comment by Siti Khadijah. The chain letter, supposedly for the betterment of Muslims,which warns about bad consequences for not believing in it or for not forwarding is NOT Islamic but can hurt our akidah.Please be careful when you receive such chain letters. I've written something about hadith israeliyat ( but what Siti had sent us is far more damaging. By continuing to forward or publish those chain letters that promises rewards for the believers or bad consequences for those who disbelieve, even in the name of Islam, is actually syirik. I'm sure Siti has been not been advised about it, and I pray that she will realise it soon, insyaAllah.

  10. Assalamualaikum

    Kak Aliya

    may i seek your permission to link your blog to mine? Thank you.


  11. Waalaikumussalam azlan,
    Sure, you're welcome to. I think I'll link yours to mine too, may I? Good to know that you've your own blog now, :D

  12. Assalamualaikum

    Much oblige. of course you can mine too. i hope can do some da'wah with my blog. quite busy these days, :)


  13. assalamua'laikum kak aliya, i know there is truth in the posting below;

    why palestinian stays despite the anhiliation sees no sign of slowing down.

  14. assalamualaikum w.b.t..
    hye to all of u here..well,today i want to thank u alot..maybe i didnt know about the chain letters so..i do sent it to all my friend.thanks 4 ur advice =)