Wednesday, January 21

Malaysian Blog Award

I received an email from a lovely and friendly lady who nominates me for an award? Geeshh, how many blog readers do I have visiting here daily?
Anyway, to help her out, I've decided to put this up in my blog.

I write for many reasons; one of them is to share and assist those who needs assistance. And Pearly, the website administrator, wishes to organise a bloggers' meet if the award becomes a success. Let's give her a hand, support her efforts and insyaAllah we may all get to meet in Penang soon.

If you click on the picture above, you'd be led to Pearly's website which actually promotes the beautiful island of Penang. Anyone who wishes to vote will have to fill up the form(scroll down) saying they voted but from this blog. Have a look anyway. Penang is lovely place with nice people, delicious and cheap food and beautiful beaches.


  1. Congratulations on the nomination. =D

  2. This is another success to you. Congratulatuion!

  3. kak Aliya.. 龍馬精神 ,萬事如意 ,心想事成 ,五福臨門

  4. Assalamualaikum,
    hahaha.. Pearly has been saying, "Ask your friend to vote for you!".. Ahh, whatever :P

    Nazri, wow.. so many good wishes? Thankie, thankie, xie xie. May this year bring your more prosperity and good health too :)