Sunday, January 4


I'm sick of reading the newspapers about the endless massacre of Palestinians at Gaza and other senseless killings of Muslims.
If you're still ignorant how serious the situations are, watch this flash slideshow even if you don't understand the lyrics.
A picture speaks a thousand words.
Watch it anyway.


  1. Marilah kita same3 mmbantu saudara seagama di palestine..




    Muslim Hands (http://www.muslimha gb/)


    Human Appeal International (http://www.humanapp index.html)


    Muslim Aid (http://www. muslimaid. org/index. php/get-involved /donate-online)


    Aman Palestin

    Dana dan Sumbangan : BIMB 12029010047880 , MayBank 562263010787

    Dana Pengurusan : Muamalat 12070005133717

  2. Assalamualaikum

    Al Quds...........

    our first Qiblah
    our first concern
    our true homeland

  3. Someone just send me an email listing brands and company that supports the invasion.We should avoid these brands to protest and stop the funding. The brands are listed at this website

    Unintentionally without concern, I have silently supporting the massacre all this while. May God forgive me.

  4. Astaghfirullahal'azim... When will the Israel ever stop? A non-Muslim friend said that the Muslims should stop fighting back. But what does he know about jihad? He will never understand. Many Muslims want to be martyrs. Of course, many non-Muslims won't understand that.

    It's not about suicide bombing but rather it is the defending of our religion (and country) that truly matters...

    What do you think, kak Aliya?

  5. Salam Nazri, azlan & jr,
    Terima kasih kerana memberi link-link tersebut. Semoga mereka yang memerlukan mendapat bantuan yang diperlukan.

  6. Adelita,
    Your friend's question is easy to answer. Just ask them what they'd do if they were suddenly attacked, their homes bombed, their children injured,and their husbands killed for no other reason than the fact that they're of a different religion. As we profess to be an ummah or brotherhood of Muslims who pray to the same God, should we sit and allow our brothers and sisters to be hurt and killed without trial?
    My friends etc asked me a more difficult question. Why does Allah let the Muslims suffer in wars? If Allah is so powerul, why not help the Muslims Palestinians win the wars? I tell you, it took me some serious reading and thinking before I found the answers :)

  7. Assalamualaikum

    my opinion might be an unpopular one, but I'll say it anyway. I think Hamas deserves part of the blame. If you look at the coverage, they started the rocket attacks..which still continues up to this day. Today Israel attacked a UN school. According to reports I read, a Palestinian who doesnt want his name to be recorded mentioned that indeed some militants were firing mortars near that school.

    I am in no way shape or form condoning what Israel has done..but Hamas deserves some of the blame for provoking or "starting" this war.

  8. salam..
    drenalin, i think u should read more about the history of Palestine. Then u will know why Israel starts the war and why the Palestinian defending their own land.
    By the way, here is the link that i think useful for us to know.


  9. Drenalin,

    I think you have misjudge Hamas attack on Israel. It is an attack but ther are defending themselves from Israel laknatullah. How can you compare mortar attacks to a very modern military actions by the Israel? They used jets, tanks and machine guns to kill the Palestinians while these Palestinians use rocks and their faith. Hundreds of Palestinians died because of these *Dajal* Think again Drenalin. What would you do if someone is entering and breaking your home?

  10. As I thought, Muslims care about - yes, you've guessed - Muslims. That's why they are so very unpopular everywhere. What's more, they are opposed to the Israelis, because the Israelis are immigrants.

  11. Dear Tendryakov,
    So what if we care about our Muslim brothers and sisters? And yes, we oppose the Israelis who AREN'T Immigrants but they're actually tyrants, bullies and US-backed terrorists. I do feel sorry for you, for only those who are blind in their hearts can't see the truth before their eyes.. that the Palestinians are the victims.

  12. Tendryakov,

    I agree with Alia..

    and not to forget that it's so happened that they're muslims..I do sympathize the jews who're being victimized during the Holocaust..This is not just about a cause for muslims but a cause in the name of humanitarian dignity..

    We, the muslims do care even more as we share the same faith as them..

    Is it not natural for anyone else who're human beings to have more emotions if something bad happens to their family, their city, their race, their country???..let alone their very own fellow human beings????

    Shame on you Tendryakov..for you to have been blind-folded by the US medias, who will never ever stopped supporting Israel in whatever they're doing....

    Open your eyes..Look at those helpless children and women..Do they deserve such things?

    Or are they not human?..In your eyes???