Monday, October 25


I never believe in the old saying,'Like Mother, like son' until I have Ikram.
When he was born, we could not decide whether he takes after me or his father.
Now, at 5 months old, it's almost certain that he has my eyes and nose.

His PohPoh, my mother, said that I was a friendly child who didn't mind who carried me.And now Ikram is exactly like that; it's quite alarming the way he'd smile at total strangers. When we go to the restaurants for meals, strangers would come over to the table and ask to carry him. I'd have a hasty meal with my eyes on the temporary child minders, praying hard that they'd not run away with my precious baby.

His PohPoh also said that I used to cough badly as a child and gave her a lot of headache finding a cure for me. Now, Ikram is coughing again. His coughs seems to linger; they'd appear, stay for a while and then stop, only to return with a vengeance. It's disheartening listening to him coughing.

I'm at my wits end - tried all sorts of prescribed medication for babies, honey and air zam-zam but he still coughs. And now he's infected me.

I dread taking him to the hospital again later in the week,and have the doctors frowning when they do their routine checkup on him. I've been warned that they might start on an anti-asthmatic medication [hope I got the term right] if he still wheezes and coughs.

I'd like to avoid it if possible. Can I say 'No' or "Wait a while' to the docs?


  1. assalamualaikum,

    a few of my colleagues mentioning their toddlers having this problem. several of my students also having this.i even went visiting my close student end up warded. first,complaining having cough.then,wheezing.chest pain.many said it was due to asthma.actually,cases of bronchitis are alarming due to pollution (here in pj)

  2. Anak sy yg mula2(twin) dulu selalu demam dan batuk. Terlalu bergantaung kepada ubat konvensional.
    Setelah kenal hpa, sy mula menggunakan herba. Alhamdulillah. Jika batuk amalkan madulia. Untuk antibodi amalkan spirumadu. Alhamdulillah. Anak-anak x pernah makan ubat batuk lg. Demam pula jarang2.
    Masih menyusu badan? Amalkan kopi radix dan sprimadu. Isteri sy mengamalkan selepas bersalin anak kedua. Dapat menyusu hingga 8 bulan. Abg2nya sebelum ni hanya 4 bulan sahaja.. Dalam keluarga isteri saya hanya dia yg menyusu paling lama
    Hanya perkongsian pengalaman...

  3. Waalaikumussalam dukun melayu,
    It's frustrating because just when I stop his medication [trying to limit it as much as possible], Ikram will start coughing again.
    The good news is, despite the cough and runny nose, he's still very active and baby talks whenever he's awake.

  4. Waalaikumussalam joe,
    Ya, saya pun masih memberikannya sedikit air madu walaupun ada risalah yang menyatakan tidak boleh memberikan madu kepada bayi di bawah umur setahun.
    Hari ini tambahkan pula jus lemon dengan air suam [baru tahu rupa-rupanya sebiji lemon mahal harganya]dan walaupun masam, Ikram minum juga.Alhamdulillah, setakat ini hanya selesema dan batuk, tiada demam.
    Ya, masih menyusu badan.Nampaknya perlu stopover di kedai hpa lagi minggu ini, stok dah habis.

  5. salam,ibu rindu sayang....tengok gambar yg comel rasa nak cium je.
    gimana kabar akak dan ikram...
    moga baik selalu'amin.