Thursday, October 7


It's been two weeks of bad news.
I heard about this baby who died, and of that baby who also died. Another baby was killed by a wild monkey. Another passed away due to suffocation.
Sad, really sad.
I emphatise with the parents, especially the mothers who had looked forward to raising their children and watch them grow into adults. Now that opportunity had been snatched from them through someone else's neglect.
As a working mother who is forced to leave my own baby at the nursery every working day, I can't help but worry. I pray each day as I hurry to the nursery with Ikram on his infant car seat, that he'd behave himself at the nursery and that his childminders would take good care of him. I know my own baby. For a 4-month old, he's very active and intelligent, and the childminders have told me several times that, "Ikram suka meniarap merata [Ikram likes to roll about] and that 'Ikram tidur meniarap."

Given a choice, I'd rather stay at home and bring up Ikram. However, both husband and I need to work, so we believe that we've found our son the best nursery available. His has separate rooms for each growing years, and the childminders for babies are experienced mothers themselves.

Right now, it's tawakkal each time I leave him there.
I hope that I wouldn't receive any emergency phone calls from his childminders, ever.
No working mother would want it.

The play station is not large enough for him.. now he's using the whole carpet

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