Sunday, August 1


As it's going to be Ramadhan soon, Husband and I agree to pay my 88-year-old Grandma a visit in Sg.Petani. We dare not postpone the trip for fear that she might lose the chance to see her first great-grandson, as she is old and no longer as healthy as before.
We finally arrived at her house at about 2.30pm. My father was also there to greet us.
Both Grandma and Father laid their eyes on Ikram for the first time. The little boy was sound asleep in the car but opened his eyes the moment we went into the warm house.
Grandma was well although she looked thinner since the last time I met her, 4 years ago [before my conversion to Islam]. She still looked strong for an 88-year-old.
I put Ikram in her arms and he didn't cry. In fact, he was very well-behaved. "Ah Chor"[Great-Grandma in Hokkien] commented about his dark eyes and double chin, which she claimed are good signs.
It was a quiet get-together, and amazingly rather pleasant.
Father didn't say much, and seemed to be taken in with Ikram.
They didn't mention anything about my conversion to Islam or about my hijab [I took it off inside the house], for which I was thankful.
Husband was being his usual talkative self, and Grandma soon was on good terms with him.
I brought some food for the household, as was afraid that she might spent any monetary gift on gambling.
Ikram, on the other hand,received the customary big angpows of money.
We left about 90 minutes later.
"Ah Chor" and "Kung Kung" waved us goodbye.

" It was Ikram's first trip to the relatives' house and gosh, what a tiring journey. He didn't sleep much this afternoon, therefore was throwing a tantrum when we reached home.
I started to feel uneasy when he was still crying after an hour at home. In my excitement, I forgot that there was a family altar in the middle hall of the house, and had carried Ikram to look around the house.
Fortunately, his Abah's recitation of the surah managed to calm him down after maghrib.
He finally agreed to doze off after Isyak.
Alhamdulillah, Ikram has finally met his "Kung Kung' and "Ah Chor".
That means more people to pamper him, huhu.


  1. Alhamdulillah! =)
    InshaAllah, I will be in this situation one day! hee~

  2. Alhamdulillah... that's great. Ikram might be the bridge between you and the family.

  3. Pengalaman saya dengan anak(masuk anak ketiga dah).
    - balik rumah mesti sebelum pukul 7(sebelum maghrib)
    - jika saya pulang waktu malam/saudara mai malam menziarah tak boleh pegang baby dulu. Buatlah kerja lain dulu. 5 minit pas tu baru pegang. Ucapkan salam sebelum masuk rumah.
    - memang x bawak baby keluar malam melainkan terpaksa

    Alhamdulillah. dengan sedikit usaha dan izin dariNya taklah baby saya sampai tahap meraung tengah malam.

    Perkongsian pengalaman sahaja...

  4. Alhamdulillah. Allah have shown the way to reconnect through your little boy. Pleasant outcome indeed. May his arrival brings more rahmah for both Kak Aliya and husband.

  5. Alhamdulillah,
    Hablumminannas/silaturRahmi dah semakin terjalin,
    Semuga kedatangan Ikram menjernih apa saja yang keruh..

  6. Khadijah C,
    Hope things will be better for you then, insyaAllah :)

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  8. Assalamualaikum Fakeh,
    Maaf ya, di sini kita tak tuduh orang Islam lain tanpa bukti nyata, juga kita tak utamakan bangsa sendiri melebihi agama Islam, kita berkongsi ilmu untuk perpaduan ummah, bukan untuk perpecahan :)
    Lagipun saya bukan berketurunan Melayu.. saya beragama Islam. Harap anda faham.