Saturday, August 21


Assalamualaikum everyone,
Alhamdulillah, Ikram and I have just returned home from Hospital Seberang Jaya where the little one was warded due to acute bronchiolitis. I tagged along to take care of him in the ward.
He started coughing on Friday night, and as both husband and I were not sick, we suspected the he had caught the bug in the nursery. Saturday was bad, and he was wheezing. We went to the pediatrician on Sunday. He took only a little milk on Sunday and Monday, as he was having a blocked nose and had difficulty breathing. I took the day off on Monday to look after him. When he started to vomit early Tuesday morning, we decided to take him to the hospital for a second opinion. I was worried that he'd get dehydrated and asthma.
The x-ray taken at the hospital revealed that there's some lung infection. He was put on drip but after he became alert and drinking his milk again, he was taken off it. Doctors reported wheezing sounds from his chest, so he was given nebulizer [oxigen with medication to clear the lungs] every 4 hours.
Altogether, we spent 5 days of Ramadhan in ward 2, the children's ward. It's an experience that I'd never forget for the rest of my life.
Sleeping on a deck chair each night beside the baby's bed and getting up frequently to give him his milk and medication was tough. I'm thankful that despite being sick Ikram was well-behaved for most of the time. He managed to charm some of the mothers, the doctors and even the matron.
The specialist gave the green light for us to go home at noon as Ikram is recovering well, although she warned that it'd take some time for him to be 100% healthy again. He still has a chesty cough. We have to return for a checkup next week.
I'm grateful to the team of dedicated and friendly doctors, especially Dr Angeline, and nurses in Ward 2, for their care and kind advices on how to look after sick Ikram.
Although I'm tired and sleepy, I'm thankful to Allah SWT for the experience. Everything happens according to His will and I'm grateful that Ikram's condition, although worrying, is not as serious as those affecting some of the children I met in the ward.
InsyaAllah, I'll share some stories later.

p/s: Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes. May Allah swt bless and reward you for your kindness, ameen.

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  1. salam alaik, smoga ank kak aliya cepat sihat.. :) salam ramadhan ke-12