Thursday, March 27


Born Muslims seldom understand.
They do not have to undergo the confusion and the difficulties of choosing between one's faith and one's family.
As I'm writing at this moment, there are many individuals who are at the cross-roads. They want to be a member of the ummah, to be a Muslim and to be able to practise the life as instructed in the Holy Quran and the Hadith.
Yet they are still undecided.

Imagine this:
If you through readings and self-realization, decide that the religion that you have been brought up to believe in, to follow is not the one you believe in any longer.
You have faith in another religion, which you believe is the true one.
Yet if you revert to that religion, there is a high probability that you will lose your family members who will disown you. You can no longer return home. You will no longer be able to talk to your parents and your siblings like you usually do.
They will scold you, nag you, and think that you have been charmed.
If you are a Chinese or Indian man, you might be made to feel guilty for turning your back on your family traditions and your obligations as the male heir of the family, because as a Muslim you can no longer take part in the rituals.
You can do longer take part in the funeral rites for your parents.
You might even be prevented from attending marriages, funerals or any family gatherings.
You might have to leave home with only the clothes on your back.

If you are one of the non-Muslims who want to embrace Islam, will you be willing to sacrifice everything for Islam?

Born Muslims seldom consider all these when they are approached by the wanna-be's who asks about Islam.
They'd think, "Why hesitate when you are already convinced about Islam?"
"Why not just recite the 2 khalimah syahadah?"
"Allah swt will provide."
It'd be easier if the wanna-be's are given the assurance of a roof over their heads and a job to help them survive when they have become Muslim brothers and sisters.
Haven't we heard enough about new reverts who sleep in mosques because they have no home to go to ( and chased out by the caretaker of the mosque), and Muslimahs who squat at their friends' homes after being chased out of their homes by angry and hurt parents?

Actually, most wanna-be's have secretly learned to recite the 2-khalimah syahadah in order to be Muslims. They are just taking their time before making themselves officially Muslims, due to family, job and friends.
They stand to lose their family.
Their friends might desert them.
They might lose their jobs if they work in n0n-Muslim companies.
They might be just like orphans, no money, no job, no friends.

What can you, as a Muslim, offer to help these wanna-be Muslim brothers and sisters?


  1. MasyaAllah,

    Suddenly I'm thinking of the spirit of brotherhood between Muhajirin and Ansar.

    Perhaps the problem of potential reverts can be ease upon by grasping the spirit of Ansar. After all, revert in some sense are Muhajir right?

    Having said that, I myself are not sure whether I'll become a helper myself. O Lord, bestow upon us mercy for our brothers ...

  2. Salam sis aliya,

    yes people say that all the time, to do the shahadah and the rest will fall in place. What do you think of a slightly different opinion, to say the shahadah once you're convinced, and if necessary dont tell anyone yet?
    But being a closet-muslim has its own challenges..

    thanks for representing kak