Friday, November 5


It's been 5 months since Ikram arrived into this world and into my heart.
He's taken his 5th month immunisation and the nurse's comment?
"Apasal budak ni? Tak dok diam?!" when she saw him all excited and kicking wildly on the scales [he's 7.7 kg now, alhamdulillah]. She didn't know that when Ikram naked, he's happy and excited 'cause it's usually bathing time :D
It's getting more challenging managing Ikram as he grows older and more intelligent.
Thank goodness for the play station which helped me to keep him occupied for about an hour a day, and for me to rest before another round of play.
It's a matter of time before he starts to crawl.
Subhanallah. It's amazing how much a baby grows and learns in just a matter of months.
It won't be long before I'd have to chase him around the playground, which is just in front of my house.


  1. it's nice to have that feelings, jst hoping tht i will the same when it's my time .. :)

  2. My youngest is already 1 1/2 years old. I can still clearlt remember the day she was birth...just like it was yesterday. Kids do grow up fast...let's enjoy them while they're little. :D.

    ps: Geramnya tengok pipi Ikram. Rasa nak gigit2!!

  3. i agree with atie. can't wait to experience that myself :)

  4. Atie,Along, Azween,
    I had a tough pregnancy so am very thankful to Allah swtthat Ikram's healthy and smart. My first question after his delivery was,"Is he ok?" because I was very worried about the side effects of the medication I was taking.
    Along,his pipi is gebu-gebu, and he giggles each time somebody kisses his cheeks.. yes, so many have become geram with him, hahaha