Wednesday, May 5


I was driving when suddenly... Vrrrrrrrrooooooooooooommmmm!!! the motorcyle appeared from the back of the car behind mine and overtook me. A glance revealed that the motorcylist was a teenager in his school uniform.
At the school gate, I noticed that there were several rows of motorcycles parked outside the school compound. Hmmm... strange.
A notice was put up at the gate. It read, 'Only motorcycles with the school sticker issued by the discipline teacher are allowed to be parked inside the school compound. To get the sticker, please show your driving licence and your parents' letter of permission to ride a motorcycle to the discipline teacher.'
Ahhh... so that's the reasons for the large number of motorcycles outside the gate.
God only knows how many of those riders who go to school on the motorcycles every day, actually own a licence.

Oh, I worry each time I drive on the road.
You'd never know when you'd meet an inexperienced,unlicensed motorist or someone whose vehicle insurance has expired. What will happen if he/she were to knock into your vehicle due to his/her own carelessness? Or worse still, knock you down when you're crossing the road? Who's going to pay for the damages?

My mother, who had years of experience as a nurse in the hospital's operating theatre, banned my brother and I from riding a motorcyle. Reason? Too dangerous. Too many motorcyclists have died or are handicapped due to road accidents.
She forced us to promise. We're not even allowed to sit on the motorcycle. Riding pillion was forbidden unless it's for a really desperate reason eg missed the school bus, or being late for school activities.
As a result, I still don't know how to to ride a motorcycle. I don't think my brother knows either.
If we want to go anywhere, we're told to cycle, take the bus, walk or wait until we're old enough to get a car driving licence.

So when I see youngsters riding their motorcyles recklessly, without safety helmets, and doing stunts on the road, I worry.
I worry that they might knock into my car.
I worry that they might crash and have me run over them.
I worry that they might lose control of the vehicle and knock down a pedestrian.
I worry that they might be my students.
For I don't know for sure if they actually own a driving licence.
I'm not sure if they're above 16, the minimum age allowed to ride a motorcycle.
I can't be certain that the motorcycle that they ride are actually theirs [and not a stolen one they took for a joyride]
Gosh, don't even get me started about unlicenced youngsters driving cars on the road.

Please... let not another mother cry in sadness this Mother's Day.

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