Monday, December 7


I was hoping that this would be a normal pregnancy. A normal pregnancy with little complications other than the morning sickness, but I suppose it's never meant to be that way, not for me, hahaha.
After a few days in KL with my husband, I had returned home with a throbbing headache and swollen hands. Not a good sign for a pregnant woman but thankfully, the symptoms subsided the next day. However, I got a headache and some dizziness that night, as well as abdominal pains. I was in despair after failing to contact my husband that night. Alhamdulillah my neighbours were kind and helpful. Despite it being almost midnight, Kak Shanaz and her husband drove me to the nearest hospital.
And the blood pressure reading was 200/128.
The second reading was slightly lower but still alarming enough to get me wheeled to the maternity hall.
And there, I got another surprise.
The ultrasound scan revealed a fibroid above the foetus. That could be causing the abdominal pains. The foetus seems to be fine.
Alhamdulillah I didn't have other preeclampsia symptoms such as bleeding, back pains, etc but the doctors still term mine as a threatened abortion.
I can say for one thing I'm thankful that the nurses and doctors at the hospital were kind and comforting. It certainly wasn't easy to relax after finding out that I'm carrying a growing fibroid as well as my baby in the uterus. And all those time, the nurses kept saying,"Relax, relax, or your BP will shoot up again!"
When my husband finally found his way to the room at about 2 a.m., I was already stable with a BP reading of 130/90.

Now alhamdulillah I'm back at home.
I'm given medication for the blood pressure and will need to do routine checkups at the clinic.

It's during these trying times that we learn about people's true characters.
It's very disheartening to have my husband's relative, a Hajjah who outwardly portrays such good characteristics of a Muslimah to be unsympathetic and even threatening when all I did was to call and find if my husband was at their homes that night. She had scolded me and called me names in her sms [kenapa suka menyusahkan orang lain? bla3...] My priority was to inform my husband, to stabilise my health so I didn't want to quarrel with her, and risk getting a stroke. But it's so frustrating getting such messages from people who let their emotions control their thoughts, especially when I myself was not in the best of health at that time. Sometimes I do wonder what she has learned during her hajj because her behaviour and speech to a few of our female relatives have never been kind or friendly. Just hope she'd change her ways before she's taught a hard lesson, wallahu'alam.
On the contrary, a group of neighbours whom I've just started to know had paid me a visit at the hospital, bringing gifts and kind words. It's always a comfort to receive such guests although they aren't all Hajjahs.

Despite the difficulties, I'm still thankful.
I'm still blessed with a healthy foetus that's still growing in my womb.
Meeting some other pregnant ladies at the ward has taught me how much there is to be thankful.
A 7-week pregnant mother has lost hers due to delay in getting treatment for slight bleeding, another in her 5th month might lose hers due to her water broken prematurely, a 7-week lady was dehydrated due to excessive vomitting, as well as many other cases which cause them to end up on the hospital beds.

I'm praying for the best. I still want to deliver a normal, healthy baby.
Que Sera Sera. Another challenge, another test.
As Allah swt wills it, this pregnancy is gonna be another unforgettable experience.
Now I'd need to find ways to reduce the size of fibi [the fibroid] before it harms the foetus.


  1. assalammualaikum

    saya doakan aliya dan baby selama
    semoga Allah memudahkan segala nya

    jangan difikir benda yang tak penting
    terusan berdoa dan berzikir

  2. im praying the best for u too.. insyaallah.. everything will be fine.. take care of yourself..

  3. kak aliya... doakan all will be fine insya Allah... place all your faith & trust in Allah SWT... banyak bersabar... this is Allah's test for you & hubby.

    ada dikalangan kita ni yang telah menunaikan Haji tetapi tidak mencerminkan pemergian itu setelah kembali... as you are well aware... kita doakan semoga mereka bersyukur kerana dapat peluang pergi dan mendoakan agar mereka berubah menjadi umat yang lebih baik...


  4. Assalamualaikum Sis Aliya,

    I pray you, husband and baby will always be in the best of health. I am a bit worried when I read your post.

    May Allah protect you and shelter us from evil.

  5. Waalaikumussalam kl citizen,cik jijah, amouris,zaaba,ahong,
    Thanks for the doa. Ameen.
    Apart from feeling rather sleepy due to the medication, I'm fine. Will be going for checkup tomorrow and buy a BP reading device, so that I can monitor my BP reading at home.
    Staying alone most of the time [husband has left for his official duties outstation, quite reluctantly ] means that I've to be smart and trust Allah swt to protect me and the baby.

  6. you are very strong-willed. keep it up!

  7. Alhamdulillah that all is well again for you. Maintaining a good BP is vital for a healthy pregnancy; perhaps regular light exercises will help (e.g. walking, mild stretches) to keep it down, apart from avoiding salty food.

    I hope that your pregnancy is blissfully uneventful after this!


  8. malacca princess,
    Strong-willed? God will not test anyone more than his/her abilities. I'm tired but I'd survive, God willing.

  9. Snuze,
    InsyaAllah, ameen.
    Pregnancy Induced Hypertension is not easy to control. Alhamdulillah the readings are good so far although I'm gaining weight fast despite eating less and throwing up often [sigh]. Alas, almost everything we eat contains sodium/salt.