Saturday, December 12


And they say, there's a rainbow after a storm.
I've survived many storms, and I've seen many rainbows.
Hopefully I'd see another beautiful rainbow in June 2010, when the baby's due. I want my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, hahahaa.

I've amazed myself.
I've managed to overcome the blues after receiving news about my battle with the fibroid and knowing that I might be taking hypertension pills till my baby's delivery.
And alhamdulillah, it's actually easy.

The fighter in me [thanks to the Yang warriors' blood in me, hahaha] refuse to give up.
After all, it's still another 6 months before the baby sees the world, insyaAllah.
That should give me enough time [god willing] to prepare for a safe delivery although I was told by the doctors that I'd have a Cesarean birth by the 39th week. Sayonara to slow/fast labor and pushings, huhu.. I'd be going under the knife again by the end of May, insyaAllah.

Allah is Merciful.
It's must have been written in the stars that I'd be having pregnancy complications this school holidays, so I've been exempted from invigalating SPM examinations [thanks, principal] and marking exam papers this year. Alhamdulillah, that saves a lot of paperwork.
My blood pressure readings have been good. The medicine works well although I was drowsy for the first 2 days at home as my body adjust to it.
To be on the safe side and my peace of mind, I've bought an Omron, a blood pressure reading device. Bye-bye Rm220, welcome 3 times a day B/P reading.
I can drive again. Thank goodness, as I've to go for routine checkups at the clinics. Weekly visits to the clinic, monthly visits to the hospital. Jeez, what a life.
Alhamdulillah, the nausea has lessen although the baby still makes his presence felt. And they say it'd be over by the 3rd month, aduhhh.
It's been a year since my operation to remove the fibroid but the wound is still healing itself. "Masih sengal", Malays say. And with the baby paddling away happily in the uterus [the scan shows that the operation's scar is very close to the baby], it hurts at times. And gosh, now it's only 13 weeks old. I just hope that any silat, taekwondo or kungfu skills inherited from the father would only be practised after delivery and not while in the womb, uhuk3.

Sorry for the long silence.
I was internet-less for a few days.
Thought that there's something wrong with the streamyx but later realised that I've forgotten to pay the TM bill, hehehe.
Blame it on my pregnancy/fuzzy brain :P [really, it's a medical term]

I've told myself, whatever the outcome, I'd survive and so will the baby, insyaAllah.
I keep reminding myself that I'm just a servant of Allah, a imperfect and helpless servant actually, who's assigned the task of carrying a baby. Not mine, but His baby, His creation.
And Allah knows what's best for us.
And I put my trust and faith in Allah swt.
Rather than worry endlessly [not sure of the fibroid is growing along with the baby], I'm keeping myself informed as much as I can. My doctors are going to have a headache with my questions, hehehe.

By the way, help!
Anyone got maternity clothes to give away?
It's embarassing but at 3 months, I'm starting to balloon out like a 5-month pregnant lady. I look like a salut nangka when wearing a baju kurung, so they're all packed away in boxes, sigh.

And listen as this fat lady sings...
nahhh, it's Connie Talbot, 6 years old, really sweet voice :)


  1. Assalammualaikum

    mudah2an kak aliya, anak and keluarga selamat hendak nyer. amin

    cuba baca nie

    kesian dier.

  2. assalammualaikum

    alhamdulillah, makin kuat ya...
    nak kena pakai uniform dah ya

  3. Waalaikumussalam olyyn,
    Thanks, ameen.
    Ya, dah baca tentang kes itu. Sebab itulah dinasihatkan agar mualaf wanita menghubungi muslimah, atau pastikan muslim itu ditemani isteri. Jangan terlalu percayakan orang.

  4. Waalaikumussalam kl citizen,
    InsyaAllah, dah nak masuk 15 minggu, yeah!
    Terpaksa pakai uniform, dah nampak perut, hehehe. Kelebihannya, puaslah pakai sampai bersalin :D

  5. Assalamualaikum Aliya.

    Hamba doakan tuanhamba melahirkan kembar. Lelaki dan perempuan.

    Lelaki bakal mujahidin Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala dan perempuan bakal muslimah terpuji sepantas Siti Fatimah Az Zahra.


  6. Waalaikumussalam sifu,
    Ameen. Wah,kembar ah? Wallahu'alam, setakat ni scan nampak satu. InsyaAllah, akan ada sekurang-kurangnya sepasang