Friday, March 16


Siapa nak ke syurga, angkat tangan!" cikgu memberi arahan.
Semua kanak-kanak dalam kelas mengangkat tangan. Kecuali Ana.
"Kamu tak nak ke syurgakah, Ana?" tanya cikgu.
"Nak.... " jawab Ana dengan perlahan. "Tapi cikgu pun tak angkat tangan. Jika semua kawan nak akan ke syurga, siapa nak temankan cikgu ke neraka?"

Saya masih ingat ketika saya bersekolah rendah. Darjah 4. Umur 10 tahun
Seorang kawan dengan megah berkata bahawa dia akan ke syurga, manakala kami yang lain akan ke neraka.
"Mengapa awak akan ke syurga?" saya tanya, tak puas hati.
"Sebab saya orang Islam," katanya dengan megah.
 "Orang Islam yang akan ke syurga?" saya tanya lagi.
"Ya, sebab Allah kata orang beragama Islam saja akan ke syurga, orang agama lain ke neraka."
Saya diam. Saya tahu konsep syurga dan neraka, walaupun ia sebenarnya tiada dalam ajaran nenek moyang. Secara tidak langsung, saya belajar melalui pergaulan dengan kawan-kawan Melayu dan Kristian, lepas mati orang baik akan ke syurga dan orang jahat akan ke neraka.
"Hmmm, orang Islam saja akan ke syurga? Orang bukan beragama Islam akan ke neraka?" saya keliru.
Ahhh, itu agama Mona, Adiyatul, Norliza, Wati dan kawan-kawan Melayu lain. Peduli apa, saya cuba sedapkan hati.
Saya bukan orang Melayu, takkan saya juga akan ke neraka bila mati? Lepas mati, orang Cina seperti saya akan ke mana pula, ya? Kata Tok, orang baik akan ke syurga, orang jahat akan kembali semula ke dunia sebagai binatang.

Itulah pembinaan konsep terawal dengan kewujudan syurg neraka bagi saya yang ketika itu berumur 10 tahun.
Tiada seorang pun kawan beragama Islam yang menerangkan kepada saya tentang bagaimana orang seperti saya boleh ke syurga.
Dari sekolah rendah sehingga ke Tingkatan 6, kami berkawan baik tetapi tidak pernah membincangkan bab agama, tak seperti kawan-kawan beragama Kristian yang sentiasa berusaha membawa kawan-kawan lain 'syurga Jesus'...huuhuuu.

Jalan ke syurga seolah-olah eksklusif bagi mereka yang lahir Islam dan dibesarkan sebagai Islam.
Mungkin hari ini keadaan berubah, tetapi malangnya di sekolah pun [sebagai guru] saya dapati maih tak banyak berubah.
Ketika pelajar Islam meraikan hari kebesaran agama Islam dengan ceramah dan sebagainya di sekolah, pelajar bukan Islam diasingkan di bilik lain. Tidak boleh turut serta dengan alasan takut nanti timbul isu ibu bapa komplen pihak sekolah cuba mengIslamkan anak-anak mereka.
Lebih selamat lagi diadakan program berbentuk didikan Moral untuk pelajar bukan Islam ketika ceramah agama Islam berlangsung.
Akibatnya, masih kurang pendedahan tentang 'Islam is a universal religion' dalam minda pelajar bukan Islam.
Ramai yang masih berfikiran bahawa Islam = Melayu dan Melayu= Islam.
Ramai yang masih terkejut dan hairan apabila saya memberitahu pelajar sekolah kategori bandar ini, bahawa saya orang Cina, beragama Islam... bukan orang Melayu.
Benarkah agama Islam agama ekslusif untuk orang tertentu sahaja?
Bagaimanakah dengan orang lain, kawan-kawan bukan Islam anda?
Tak timbulkah niat untuk menerangkan keindahan tentang Islam itu kepada mereka, sekurang-kurangnya agar mereka bersikap lebih terbuka untuk mempelajari Islam dan ajaran Rasullullah SAW?
Atau adakah ramai yang masih berfikiran seperti kawan sekelas saya dulu, bahawa hanya dia dan geng yang lahir Islam saja yang layak dan akan ke syurga?


  1. Assalamualaikum...
    Izinkan saya share di facebook....
    Mohon dengan sangat...

  2. Waalaikumussalam atiqah athirah,
    Dipersilakan share..

  3. assalamualaikum puan aliya,

    i was browsing the internet, and stumbled upon your lovely blog. I must say, I enjoyed reading your musings...As one of those millions Muslim 'by default' in this country, I cannot agree more with your writing in this entry. Most feels that they are 'entitled' more than the rest without further explanations. Personally, I think the muslims in this country are practicing 'holier-than-thou' attitude, even more strongly toward their Muslims friends.

    For example, I myself, had only started to wear tudung only because it was compulsory on me as a student in IIUM back in 2000. It was the first time i put on hijab, covering the head. Growing up in Petaling jaya (PJ), I used to think it was 'uncool' to wear the tudung and too 'makcik'. Of course this perception is only to be blamed on my 'kekhilafan' and lack of understnding toward the agama. But, just to cite some of the 'extremists' in Islam; there i was a struggling 'default' muslim trying to find my way in a very Islamic surroundings, many times I encountered 'harsh' treatments from these 'extremists' in the campus; one incident was they poured cokes (the drink) on my strappy heels and sandals just because was deemed unislamic to have colorful shoes and open-toes type ones. Other times, whenever I walk around in the campus, there will be groups like these staring at me and some even would recite surahs condemning women not properly covering the aurah (fyi: I did not wear hands stockings that was my only 'guilt' for improper islamic clothing).

    Anyways, point being, i was even treated like a condemn kafir although i am a hijab wearing muslim. Thus i can relate to your story of that 10 year old muslim boy in your class. Am sure it was the parents' teaching..i mean shouldnt islam be about peace and tolerance? I thought 'dakwah' was supposed to non-imposing, no pressure and not intimidating.

    Whatever it is, it is great that you've found your way back to Islam. masyaAllah. and may Allah blessed your life in years to come as a proud Chinese Muslim.

  4. Waalaikumussalam Akazukii,
    I always remind myself that Rasulullah SAW [pbuh] was gentle in his preaching, and never a harsh word or scolding came from his mouth during his years as a prophet. He didn't scold harshly or make judgements on another person, even though the one who came to him was a self-confessed adulterer. So who are we to pass judgement on other people?
    In Islam, the most righteous to Allah is not the one who reads the most quranic verses or does the most good deeds but one who is the most righteous. Those who not only obey Allah, but also practise loving kindness to all living things. Which is why in the books is written that a prostitute was granted heaven just because she fed a thirsty dog some water.
    I can understand your discomfort and agony, being judged just because you are not 'properly covered' like them. Well, each of us has a different level of Islamic knowledge and understanding. We should instead be kind just like Rasulullah was kind, be patient just like him, and be gentle in our dakwah just like he did. And through his way, just like he did, we will be able to show the beauty of Islam and insyAllah attract others to Islam just like the way he did.
    Mind you, not all my friends are tudung-clad people. Not all properly covered muslimahs. I befriend them just the same, not because I intend to do dakwah but because I like them and they like me. And if Allah permits and guide me and open their hearts to true Islamic teachings, then insyaAllah they will be better muslimahs one day. I leave it to Allah to do His job. My duty is to show the beauty and kindness of Islam by being myself, and by slowly sharing and listening to their problem, why they don't wear hijab, why they avoid Islam, etc, and to find the solution together. Would you believe me if I say that I have never told off some good friends for not wearing hijab out of the office? Many other muslimahs have scolded even told that it's a sin [ they know]but what good can come out of that?
    Sometimes being hard and rigid in doing what we consider as 'dakwah'will only drive potential good Muslims away.[may Allah forgive us our sins].Better be patient, seek first to understand, then be understood.
    may Allah bless and guide us all, ameen.